February 11 rice Market Facts (with prices)

2022-06-13 0 By

Today, the overall rice market is stable, but from the perspective of the purchase and sale of the whole market, the weak pattern of supply exceeds demand has not changed. Rice enterprises have started operation one after another, although they are replenishing inventory, but the downturn of downstream consumption leads to rice enterprises very cautious acquisition, and they do not have the intention to build a large amount of inventory.The minimum purchase price of rice is generally released in the middle and late February. The market guesses that the minimum purchase price of indica rice is expected to rise by 1-2 cents, and japonica rice is likely to remain stable.However, there has been no trend in the announcement of the auction of the minimum purchase price of rice. The whole market can be regulated very strongly. In the short term, the whole rice market remains low and stable, with no support for rising temporarily.Anhui Lu ‘an Huoqiu County rice factory supply sticky rice 1.35 water 14 within 70 meters reference price 1.35 yuan/catty;20 years fengliangyou rice 1.75 yuan/catty, 21 years Fengliangyou rice 1.80 yuan/catty.Jiangxi Fuzhou Dongxiang Yellow sticky rice purchase price of 1.32 yuan/catty;Yellow glutinous rice price 2.1 yuan/catty.Jiangsu Lianyungang Guanyun county supply north jiangsu high-quality japonica rice, rice 69 above, water 16, rice quality suitable for processing, the reference price of 1.37 yuan/catty.Hubei Jingzhou Jianli Feng Liangyou rice price 1.3 yuan/catty;The price of Fengliangyou rice is 1.85 yuan per catty.Heilongjiang Hulin supply of long-grain fragrant rice in 20 years 68 meters moisture 14.5 price reference 1.23 yuan/catty.Liaoning Shenyang Tiexi supply small long grain price 1.95 yuan/catty.Jilin Liaoyuan super rice price 1.34-1.38 yuan/catty;Super rice costs 2 yuan per catty.Hunan Changde Anxiang yellow sticky rice purchase price of 1.35 yuan/catty;The ex-factory price of huanghua sticky rice is 2.1 yuan/catty;Hybrid rice price 1.3 yuan/catty;Hybrid rice costs 2 yuan per catty.