Winter is cold, it is recommended that middle-aged women eat more than 4 kinds of nourishing food, warm the body to keep out the cold, high nutritional value

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Cold in winter, it is suggested that the woman eat 4 kinds of nourishing food, warm warm, high nutritional value believe every middle-aged women with heavy burden, the burden of carrying on a old man and the child below, all dare not to relax, but excessive toil will only make the body becomes more vulnerable, particularly in the winter.Therefore, we must improve the physical quality, usually add some good food for the body, enhance resistance, especially in winter is cold, eat more of these four kinds of food, warm the body to keep out the cold, the nutritional value is also high.First, pregnant ginger cream winter first to keep out the cold, so that the body warm up to better nourish the body.Huai ginger cream is a warm up drink that can warm the whole body. It is a very thick cream. When drinking, it is enough to dig one or two spoonfuls and put them in a cup with hot water and stir evenly.Huai ginger cream after the liquid color looks very bright, very clear, the entrance is very smooth, drink up the brown sugar taste is very strong, with a hint of ginger taste, and red dates and medlar can be chewed, taste is particularly rich, a cup to drink, the whole stomach will warm, often drink is also very good for the body.Winter people’s bones will become fragile, especially the middle-aged, need to pay more attention to supplement some calcium.Everyone is more familiar with the calcium supplement food is milk, but the black sesame in the calcium element should be 8 times higher than milk, but black sesame has a slight bitter taste, if you don’t like it, you can choose to eat black sesame pill.Black sesame balls are flavored with honey to eliminate the bitter taste and replace them with sweet honey taste. Moreover, the balls are very soft and waxy to bite, with a very delicate taste and strong sesame taste. The more YOU eat, the more fragrant you will be.Jujube and walnut are very familiar ingredients, nutritional value is high, one blood tonic, one brain tonic, double combination, tonifying effect is better.We all know the size of the walnut, if you want to clamp it must need a bigger jujube, so a whole jujube walnut eating will be special satisfaction, nutrition and health.Jujube walnut has its own independent small packaging, very healthy, go out can also put the bag ready at any time.The use of Xinjiang’s big jun jujube, jujube flavor is particularly rich, mellow and sweet meat, with full and crisp walnut, sweet and fragrant, is a very good nutritional snacks, winter mouth idle when you can open to eat.Four, seven degrees fang Yiyan cake Middle-aged women will appear poor color phenomenon, this seven degrees Fang Yiyan cake is a snack that can replenish qi and blood.Of course, not only women, other middle-aged people can also eat.Its ingredients such as red dates, peanuts, medlar, etc., are more health preservation ingredients, can be seen everywhere in the kitchen, the benefits are very much.There is a layer of rose dragon fruit powder and beetroot powder on the outside of the cake. It smells very sweet. When you eat it, it tastes very sweet, waxy and sweet, chewy and delicious.Pale middle-aged women can take several pieces of tonics every day to restore normal color, full of qi and blood, and look healthy.It is suggested that middle-aged women, if conditions allow, these 4 nourishing delicacies again expensive also want to eat several times!Good body is raise come out, if do not notice at ordinary times, when arrive old age a lot of disease can emerge slowly come out, the situation will be worse.While in the prime of life, we should seize the time to build up our body, and pave the way for the future.If you have a very difficult winter, but also to strengthen the body tonic, eat more tonic food, healthy is the best state.I am ah jiu, if you think this article is helpful to you, you can click “like” collect and forward yo!Thank you for reading here, like to help point attention.