The Chinese Super League ranks 8th in the world’s top 10 league in terms of player income in the 2020-2021 season

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What is the salary level of the Chinese Super League from 2020 to 2021?If it were not for unpaid wages, the Chinese Super League would be among the top 10 in terms of income in the world, or even around the 8th level. Isn’t it a little surprising? The average income of the players in the Chinese Super League is already among the top 10 in the world.League player of the highest average income is the premier league, the average income in 27.152 million yuan, but this is no surprise in this paper, starting the headline number New justify said sports premiership players average income is the highest in the world, but not an accident, the league after all commercial development is the best, even every year the relegation of the team can be for a bonus of more than one hundred million euros, and this is guaranteed bonuses,There is probably no other relegation team with that kind of prize money, and the Championship play-offs are really worth a lot, it’s the second tier.Therefore, the English Premier League has a large number of buyers recently, and many players have high salaries, which is normal. After all, it is a professional league with the highest commercial degree in the world, and many operations are done completely in accordance with the ideas of professional leagues, which should be a model.But if memory serves, the top salary in the Premier League should not be too exaggerated to imagine, maybe now it is Cristiano Ronaldo, so it is no surprise to be number one in the Premier League.The second is the Spanish, also not surprised, because there is Barcelona and real Madrid starting the headline Numbers in this paper New justify said sports 19.983 million yuan was the average player in la liga income, of course it is real Madrid and Barcelona and atletico Madrid three teams of ascension, the Spanish business development, but the business development team is very good, especially in Barcelona and real Madrid’s business development is really too good,They are probably the best commercial teams outside of some in the Premier League, so it’s normal to have a high average income, and they can still sign a lot of good players, who are probably on high salaries.Basically, la Liga has the same idea. In addition, la Liga has a minimum salary cap, but the income of the lower and middle teams is really low, and the league share is also low, which is also a problem.La Liga seems to be a very polarized league, but the average income is ok, except for the top three teams, the rest of la Liga should average around 9 million.Serie A may seem to be in decline, but it is still third, with an average income of 13.799m yuan. The new explanation is that Juventus play a very important role in sports. Juventus have recently paid a lot of players, leading to an increase in average income in Serie A, but for many teams, especially the big ones,Probably most teams are around 4 million euros wages players, this is more than the average income of the now, but the serie a this income is a little accident, should feel serie a after all income is better than the bundesliga, the result is higher income than the bundesliga, Juventus is the key, the end of this season, to view some after cleaning, the estimated average serie a will fall.Four of the bundesliga, income is in 12.679 million yuan or so, isn’t it a little surprised, the bundesliga really strict in wages, the league is strict fair fiscal policy, the salary is likely to be the first four teams of ascension, especially the bayern Munich and Dortmund played a key role, has high salary cap, two teams both teams recent gains are also good, of course,In fact, the average salary of most Bundesliga teams is not high, maybe less than 5 million, this is the style of the Bundesliga.Fifth, ligue 1, 8.988 million yuan, if there is no god germain Paris, income may be lower than half the Chinese super league starting the headline Numbers in this paper New justify said sports with omar and Lionel messi, French only average income is so high, the two people are around 1 million euros a month income, of course, that is, Paris st germain let this salary increased,In fact, The income of Ligue 1 is really not so high, but Ligue 1 is better than the healthy league, after all, the most characteristic of this league is to sell youth players and subsidize the team to buy new players, this is the characteristics of Ligue 1, is not a little surprising.Russian premier league is 6, income is 6.051 million yuan, of course, Russia itself is recently jinyuan football super league, many players are high premium to buy, and give the high income, this is normal, a lot of Chinese super foreign aid before that which is to the league, salary is higher than the Chinese super league, of course, the super should also appear jinyuan football after the bubble,But at least the Russian super league can participate in the Champions League, is also a good bonus income.The attendance rate of Russian super is still good.Turkish Super League ranks 7th, with an average income of 5.961 million RMB, which is also normal. There are strong teams in this league, and almost all of them can participate in the matches of The European Union and the Champions League, with some bonus income. Of course, there is always competition between the two strong teams, and the income is not low, so the income of this league is normal.Chinese super 8, now the average income is 5 million yuan in this paper, starting the headline number New justify said sports didn’t think of it, the Chinese super league average salaries eighth in the world, so the Chinese super league wages is right, than, in front of the league and don’t have any commercial, fans also not much, teams don’t have any income, but the team into a high,That income is fast and the soil even ultra about, 3 million paid too high, this is where the significance of the jinyuan football, China football level not to ascend, but in world football league revenue list, become the first eight, but because of some big foreign aid to leave, at the start of next season, may reduce the super average income.The Brazilian league is 9th with 4.628m, which is not low, which is ironic. The 10th is MLS with 3.587m, which is the top 10 league with the highest average income. Good news, the Top 10 Chinese Super League is not low.