Spring river warm who prophet?

2022-06-12 0 By

A plot at the northwest corner of Vanke Wushan Park with A blank price limit of 23500 yuan /㎡ has been publicized recently. The case is called Vanke Wushan, with A plot ratio of only 1.1, which is A low-density community of all foreign houses.This plot is the first concentrated soil plot in Xuzhou, and it has been idle since the market was cold.Restart now, or signs of market recovery.After all, bank development loans and second-hand housing loans are increasingly loose, real estate m&a loans are not included in the three red lines, the worst has passed.Real estate tycoons or acquire quality assets of the problem housing enterprises, or start their own land reserve firepower to seize the market.And so many years vanke has been on the industry head, natural spring river warm duck prophet.