Huangyuan: Deepen the reform of traffic management to create a model project

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Since 2021, huangyuan county public security bureau is focused on the road traffic safety, accuracy, according to the area traffic management face bigger more, accused of line length, road police, traffic safety hidden danger is not in a timely manner to eliminate the phenomenon, break the routine, bold innovation, to the masses’ security as the goal, continue to deepen reform of policing mechanism and to forge “peace HuangYuan traffic” business card.Actively explore new ways of road traffic safety management in the jurisdiction, carry out regular traffic order improvement on national and provincial roads, promote joint law enforcement of public security, transportation and urban management, and provide strong guarantee for road traffic safety in the jurisdiction.First, carry out the service reform and build a fast response team.In order to solve the situation of frequent traffic accidents on Riyueshan section of National Highway 109 and alleviate the practical dilemma of frequent traffic accidents and difficult traffic safety problems along huangxi First-level Highway (National Highway 315), and actively adapt to the new traffic management situation, huangyuan County Public Security Bureau established three traffic police squadrons in the east, south and west in July 2021.It provides a new management mode for the traffic safety management of rural roads and expressways. It gives full play to the characteristics of fast, flexible and accurate traffic police team to achieve fast police response, fast disposal and fast feedback, forming a “closed-loop management” and effectively improving the speed and accuracy of road law enforcement.Second, watch heavy trucks closely, strengthen high-speed supervision.Give full play to the county road safety committee to lead the overall role, organize county traffic, housing, education and other departments to hold a “whole county road traffic safety work conference”, actively mobilize the member units to participate in road traffic safety management.Lead the organization held a national highway 109 line riyue mountain period of heavy restrictions () in the type truck hearings and consultation, released on the national highway 109 line HuangYuan riyue mountain period of heavy restrictions () in the type truck distribution of circular, and organize forces to strengthen the road patrol, will carry the traffic safety propaganda education and restriction, and the combination of compulsory measures for traffic safety management,Effective diversion of heavy (medium) trucks to G6 Beijing-Tibet high speed, reduce long downhill linear road traffic accidents.Since the implementation of traffic restriction and diverting measures in July 2021, compared with the same period last year, the number of deaths caused by road traffic accidents in the county has decreased by 66.7%, the number of injured has decreased by 15.7%, and property losses have decreased by 24.3%. The traffic accident index has been greatly reduced, effectively ensuring the safety of people’s travel and protecting people’s interests.Third, highlight management priorities, do a good job of traffic order.The county bureau put the main police force into the urban traffic disorder and accident-prone sections, targeted to increase the frequency and density of the key period of patrol, improve the patrol service mechanism, improve the road police rate, minimize traffic illegal phenomenon, eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents.At the same time, three district traffic police squadron combining the reality of jurisdiction, to concentrate on key models, key traffic violations and to the passenger vehicle passenger operation, overloaded trucks and speeding, driving without a license, and urban drinking driving motor vehicle stop disorderly place illegal behaviors such as increase the investigation dynamics, insist for a long time to target management, effective guarantee the traffic safety.Four is around the satisfaction of the masses, lighting service function.Add “mobile signal light” and set up “traffic police guard” at the intersection of each school in the district to ensure the crossing priority of students and pedestrians while maximizing the efficiency of motor vehicles.At the same time, based on the reform of “decentralization, regulation and service”, we will promote the implementation of measures to benefit the people. Relying on the DMV, we will set up vehicle and driving business Windows, delegate the authority of motor vehicle registration, driver and vehicle examination, and provide more convenient and effective services to the people.Fifth, establish linkage mechanism, strengthen road management.To establish public security traffic police, urban management law enforcement and comprehensive law enforcement coordination, unified logistics transportation linkage mechanisms, joint logistics linkage meeting regularly, to security risks, the road safety hidden trouble, through analyzing typical cases, conducting in-depth investigation, timely repair, add hint signposts to venture section, the improved road safety regulation.Strengthen the enforcement of illegal acts such as peddlers occupying the road and illegal parking of motor vehicles, effectively maintain the urban road traffic order and prevent traffic safety accidents.Source | | huangyuan county public security bureau audit Huang Junjun coordinating editor | li-hua Chou