Beijing property market: low total price Haidian investment recommendation

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Hello, everyone! I am Jing Ye, a rare consultant who can enter the whole process of Real estate transaction and big data analysis in Beijing!Pay close attention to the following content for the public, | fan q&a “jing ye said room”, to join “jing ye said room” to ask questions and get information, craigslist, full guidance.1. Question: Hello.Excuse me, why are 100 circles and Huateng Garden cheaper than the surrounding so much?Can I buy it?Answer: Hello, when you say that these communities are cheaper than the surrounding communities, you mean that they are better than the surrounding communities, such as the First city international, Fuli City and so on of the Pan-Shuangjing large plate.These a few small areas have their own inadequacy, for instance quality, management, environment, door design is relatively general.But, the fluidity of these a few small areas is not poor, the reason is simpler: lot, traffic, form a complete set is good, the price is also material benefit.On the whole, the value preservation can be ok, liquidity ok, appreciation will not be very prominent.My advice: if the budget is low and there is a promise of a better location, then these two neighborhoods can be bought.In fact, a lot of times, the budget is limited, can not achieve perfect, if there are not too many choices, in the case of ensuring liquidity is no problem, it is also good to get on the bus first.2, ask: Jing Ye, budget 1100W, Chaoyang, not school district but good, 2 people dink life, there is no quality district recommendation?Answer: Hello, chaoyang has no special new planning section, so there is no obvious place with great potential.Therefore, I suggest embracing some traditional premium segments.From north to south, you can choose as follows: 1. Choose New Beiyuan, Huayu City, Runze Yuexi, Runze Mansion, etc.;2. Wangjing, Beiwei, Zhenyuan, Shangjing New Airline, Huacai International Apartment.3. Pan-sihui, Dongheng ii, Kaide Jinxiu;4. Shuangjing, A-style apartment;5. Chaoqing, Runfeng, Huafang.The above can be seen, appreciation is no problem.3, ask: Beijing ye good, the same community, north-south housing, and poor housing (the living room toward the southeast, 2 bedrooms toward the east and west, not transparent), the price difference is more reasonable?Answer: hello, without a certain number, you can see history clinch a deal the comparison of average price, sample number is a few more, knew probably.Generally speaking, I would say around 5%. It depends on the case.Question: Hello, Xinglong Home and Dongheng Times house evaluation.Hello, Xinglong Home belongs to the hot plate, the community quality and environment is not outstanding, the main cost performance, good liquidity, the previous appreciation of the general, there will be some driving after the subway in the future.In the first phase of Dongheng Era, the biggest advantage is that the subway is close and the supporting facilities are convenient. Of course, there are also disadvantages, such as small community, no space, tower design, general apartment type, not a small density, and the subway in the south also has a certain noise impact.Dongheng era ii, quality, environment are good, is just a good choice, appreciation and habitation are good.In the third period of Dongheng Period, the community was still too small, the space was insufficient and the density was not small.If the funds are sufficient, it is certainly the choice of Dongheng Era two, if the general, the other several can choose, Dongheng era one, xinglong home just need to get on the bus can also.The small program that can query za undertakes compare price, small area and big market compare price, small area and small area compare price 5, ask a question: excuse me non SFSD, want haidian 2 sets, investment, total price as far as possible low, jing ye has what proposal?Answer: hello, can consider the school district premium low low total price small apartment: such as May Huating, Zhongtiehan court.These small housing circulation is good, and haidian hot car dish.Can look at the star data the exclusive rule list, Beijing daily price housing statistics the above content to the public, | fan questions focus on “jing ye said room”, to join “jing ye said room” to ask questions and obtain important information is as follows: purchase logic: “jing ye Beijing to buy a house top ten thinking” big data:”Exclusive search list, daily Beijing discounted housing statistics” “exclusive real estate market big data real-time monitoring, these plates are rising” “Beijing district historical income statistics,Let you to become investment experts “second-hand housing buying tips article” the second-hand house skills of the secondary bargaining skill of “the second-hand house outperform” “bypass the mediation, clinch a deal to a full range of information and safety guide” (rule) techniques and strategies for bamboo shoots “mortgage + rule strategy” “lower down payment strategy” “authenticity bamboo dish how to distinguish between”, “how to solve the creditHave bad record (overdue)?New house buying skills “new house watching house buying strategy” “these new houses outperform the market” “full set of deposit back skills” second-hand selling skills “selling skills”