Yancheng Ai Qi baby center chaos like cluster, high price “sitting baby” behind is to save worry or dregs

2022-06-11 0 By

With the increase of income level and nursing concept, many traditional maternity “confinement” location, gradually transferred from the family to the so-called more professional, high quality maternity club, but with the premise of high cost, the maternity center is high quality?A few days ago, a net friend broke the news: Yancheng Angel monthly center no good sister-in-law work responsibility, resulting in a serious baby rash, monthly center shirk responsibility, is really angry, the baby suffer, monthly do in a complete mess, spend money to buy gas, the baby’s whole head in dressing, is white pyo head heat rash!I spent more than 20,000 yuan on my confinement, but I ended up in a miserable confinement. I spent money to buy guilt and anger and became depressed.Sister-in-law is not professional, not responsible for the baby’s head and face heat rash, the baby has been crying, the baby cried, I hold the baby together, really reluctant to give up the baby, sorry baby, after the key thing happened, Ai Qi er did not have an attitude, has been shirking responsibility.Do not know how to describe the inner helplessness……Before that, there were also a lot of media exposure, about the Yancheng Aqier Maternity Center event: the seemingly “professional” Yancheng Aqier Maternity Center, why will become the complaints of maternal families, concentrated complaints “disaster area”?Due to the hospital’s improper nursing, nursing process disorder, resulting in newborn skin rash, facial knife cuts;Misdiagnosis and careless pregnancy examination by doctors cause great harm to the puerpera and their families;The phenomenon that its hospital charges at will, also makes consumer suffer unbearably!Behind the “lofty” publicity and price, why yancheng Aiqi Baby center medical and patient incidents continue?Does the hospital comply with relevant qualifications?Is the qualification of hospital practitioners obtained through legal channels?Do the relevant doctors have relevant qualifications?How to guarantee the life and health of puerpera and newborn?Aiming at the problems exposed by the the confined club, hope our city attach importance to the relevant departments, organizations who is built appoint, market supervision and administration of joint investigation and rectification, for the hospitals of violations, shall be ordered to make rectification, illegal punishment, at the same time hope to related department to clear the industry admittance threshold, strict training and examination of practitioners, clear responsibilities departments to fill management “blank”.