The director of Dune II has revealed that he will tell the story of the Hacknan family

2022-06-11 0 By

Dune II, the highly anticipated sequel, has revealed new dynamics.According to director Denis Villeneuve, the story of the Harknan family will be amplified and the entire desert planet erakos will enter a new phase in the sequel.”It’s like a board game,” Villeneuve said. “Some new actors will be introduced.The first film was about Paul Atledee, but this second installment will focus on Hacknan.I’m working with the original team, and it’s going to be more challenging.We know what to do and how to present it.Now, the script has been written and I am confident.””Dune” adapted from the Hugo award and Nebula Award of the same name award-winning work, its status as the Lord of the Rings.The narrative dimension of the universe, the personal growth process of the epic level, and the complex relationship between the characters and political struggles all make this novel a “divine work”.Dune III is also on the schedule.”Dune is a huge story,” says director Denis Villeneuve.To honor it, I feel like I have to do at least three films, which is my dream, and it would be great to finish the Paul Estridi storyline.”The release date for Dune II is scheduled for October 20, 2023.