Lei Jiayin is sure to win an award, just for this play, just for this “wussy” role

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Lei Jiayin, who has a nickname of “Big Head”, big head does not worry about rain.The reason Regal is called “Thunder Head” is because his head is — really — big, and not only is his head getting bigger, but his face is getting bigger, and his jaw line is almost gone.The eyes were pleated all around and the corners of the eyes drooped.The nose is quite straight, but the whole man is slightly hunched and often wears a moustache.And those angular little fresh meat is nothing compared to.But why is it so rare, Thunderhead?Because of his weakness.A gangster who sings “Happy Goat, Beautiful Goat” to Geng Hao in “Happy Goat, Beautiful Goat” in 2014;”The Bureau in the Bureau of Antiques” (2021) in the forbearance, surface loaded with timid, heart there is a cavity of blood archeological experts “wish”;Zhang Xiaojing, malicious, timid and a little “tiger” in The Twelfth Hour of Chang ‘an (2019);In the First Half of My Life (2017), Chen Junsheng, a cheating and adulterous man, was even sympathized with by the audience for being a coward.Lei Jiayin in different roles, actually can “cowardice” different angles, different levels, different strength — can simply admit cowardice, can bring a little simple and honest and lovely in cowardice, can also imply a kind of cruel, but also can cowardice people love.In this regard, I can only call “awesome”!And this time, I bet he will win, with this play — The World (2022), with this role — Chow Bingkun.Adapted from writer Liang Xiaosheng’s novel of the same name, which won the 10th MAO Dun Literature Prize, the drama topped prime-time ratings after its debut on CCTV1.From the late 1960s to the early 21st century, the story depicts life in China over nearly 50 years from the perspective of three generations of a Zhou family in a northern provincial capital city.Lei Jiayin plays zhou Bingkun, the third son of the Zhou family.May search the entire entertainment circle, also can’t find a second than “Lei Jiayin” more suitable for “Zhou Bingkun” the role of the actor, because, the drama of Zhou Bingkun is also particularly “wussy”.Tu Zhiqiang (Shen Xiaohai) to be shot, Zhou Bingkun afraid, hard neck said not to go to the scene, but eventually still pressed flat cap, to the plane.See Tu Zhiqiang was shot, in the mind for a long time can not let go, even work can not go on, he;Help zheng Juan (Yin Tao) to send money, zheng Juan’s appearance at first sight, but dare not face after the heart, she;Thinking that he would never come again, he always came to me in the end.Chunyan (Huang Xiaolei) to his profession, he was scared back against the wall, said: “when you were a child dare not go to the toilet, let me accompany you to the women’s toilet, you shit in that, I will stand next to” a kind of words to refuse, he was lovely;He went to a friend to pay back the house. He sat there with his head bowed and his shoulders hunched over. He was a debt collector, but he felt like he was in debt….However, Zhou bingkun’s “she” is not that she does not take on the burden. As the third eldest in the family, she almost carries the burden of the whole family, helping her sister to take care of the children and taking care of her mother who has cerebral thrombosis sequelae…Week home mother (Sa day na is acted the role of) say: most rare this old pimple.Zhou bingkun’s “being timid” was a common characteristic of his time, a kind of caution peculiar to people after the turbulent past of nearly a decade.And Zhou Bingkun is a child who grew up in that era, plus he is the oldest and youngest in the family, so the imprint of this era can be really seen on him.Of course, The role of Chow Bingkun, played by Lei Jiayin, is not only the “weakness” brought to him by the age and family, but also the natural simplicity, innocence and kindness.And all of these, are good at multi-angle, multi-direction, multi-strength interpretation of “he” Lei Jiayin hold in place, let a person feel as if there is no Lei Jiayin, he is a real living in that era of Chinese, or, there is no Lei Jiayin, only Zhou Bingkun, Lei Jiayin is Zhou Bingkun.The role of Chow bingkun is mesmerized by him.From Lei Jiayin’s zhou Bingkun, let the introversion of the good Chinese people see themselves, especially the hard mission of the previous generations to see their own deja vu brand.I bet lei Jiayin will win the acting awards in the TV field for this play, this role.As far as the role of Chow bingkun is concerned, he deserves it.