GCL Energy Science Li Yujun: will build a global electric logistics energy supply network

2022-06-11 0 By

Beijing News Shell Financial News (reporter Chen Weicheng) On March 27, at the China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum (2022), Li Yujun, general manager of GCL mobile Energy, said that GCL will build a full-domain electric logistics energy supply network covering trunk transport, branch transport, terminal distribution and other scenarios.Transportation is a key area of carbon emission reduction.Data from China Automobile Center show that there are about 30 million cars in China’s logistics sector, accounting for about 10% of the total number of cars, and the carbon emission from manufacturing road transportation is as high as 56%.Therefore, it is urgent to take the lead in promoting full electrification in the field of logistics.”Promoting the electrification of logistics is an important measure to achieve the ‘3060’ goal, and the efficient and convenient logistics energy supply system is an important driver of the electrification of logistics.”Fill for the moment the distance is short, can slow, car is expensive, low operation efficiency, electric universal pain points, many obstacles logistics Li Yujun pointed out that the “golden concord can global electric energy supply logistics solutions, built mainly in, fill in logistics network, through the green electricity, energy storage, intelligence operations, battery standardization measures such as improved can complement system operating efficiency.”Li Yujun introduced that GCL energy Will build a full-domain electric logistics energy supply network covering the whole scene of trunk transport, branch transport, terminal distribution and so on.Joint operation platform, adopt drop – hang or scattered change set scheme, improve the operation efficiency of smart trunk logistics network;Based on the standardized development of battery modules and non-destructive upgrading of hardware, we will build a series of products with “one model and multiple vehicles”, expand multiple models, build a common distribution network in cities, promote the comprehensive integration of “green electricity” and “new energy vehicles”, and maximize the value of battery life cycle.Up to now, GCL energy has reached strategic cooperation with geely, Dongfeng, Foton, XUGong Group, Changchang Logistics, Overground Railway, Sany Heavy Industry, FAW Solutions and other commercial vehicle leading enterprises, logistics platforms and various links of the industrial chain.According to reports, in the oil and electricity price gap is widening, GCL’s green logistics and transportation capacity can save energy costs up to 137,900 yuan per year, and drivers’ income can increase by 33%.Beijing News Shell financial reporter Chen Weicheng edited song Yuting proofread Liu Jun