Chongqing qingming Festival nearly 10 years have “rain”?What’s the weather like on qingming Holiday this year?

2022-06-11 0 By

China weather network news said “qingming festival rain in succession”, Chongqing in the past 10 years of the Qingming Festival, whether “rain”?What’s the weather like in Chongqing during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday this year?This article will answer for you.According to the Chongqing Climate Center, Shapingba in Chongqing has seen rainfall in six of the past 10 tomb-sweeping days, including heavy rain in 2018, with daily rainfall reaching 63.6 millimeters.It was overcast over Chongqing’s Maanshan Bridge this morning.What’s the weather like on qingming Holiday this year?Chongqing meteorological Observatory is expected to see overcast to cloudy weather throughout The city today and tomorrow, with the highest temperature in the city reaching 24℃.On Thursday, rainy weather returned to Chongqing, with the highest temperature in the city likely to drop to 21 degrees Celsius.On May 5, the weather will be cloudy to cloudy.At the same time, tomorrow pingba valley area to be alert to the morning fog.Weather experts remind that the weather is changeable in the near future, we should pay attention to the latest weather forecast in time.In case of rain during the holiday, please keep a safe driving distance.