Buy the rub gun did not put back to the city set off, two young men were fined 100 yuan

2022-06-11 0 By

Qinchu network – Shiyan headlines reporter He Li correspondent Lu Yuwei report:In order to reduce environmental pollution and improve air quality, and create a good environment for production and living, shiyan in November 2015, issued the shiyan city center a total ban on the decision of the fireworks “, since the Spring Festival in 2016 shiyan city center a total ban on fireworks, but there are individual people ignored banned fireworks, I did it my way.On February 8, “peace vigilantes” accidentally heard the sound of firecrackers setting off while patrolling chaoyang Road district. They saw two young men setting off firecrackers near the garbage dump behind the Commercial building in Huayue City. “Peace vigilantes” stopped the two men and notified the police station.The police rushed to the scene, two people back to the police station, from one of the men who have not been set off the small half box of the gun “rat king”.According to the investigation, the two men are friends, the whole process, one person set off, another person watching.The 21-year-old man in charge of setting off the firecrackers said he bought the firecrackers in Huanglong a few days ago.”At that time put a part, this box of erasers did not finish, brought back to the city.”Incident that day, two people have a meal in the vicinity, accidentally touch the pocket of half a box of guns, then “childlike” he temporarily decided to take a friend to a nearby concealed setting off, the result was caught.His behavior violated the “decision of banning fireworks in the downtown area of Shiyan”, approved by the Public security bureau of Maojian District, gave him a fine of 100 yuan according to law.