A refrigerator is not a panacea!It can be very dangerous if used incorrectly

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The refrigerator is full of worries about the family, bearing the happiness of life, but pay attention to not let the refrigerator, into an all-purpose crisper used in the wrong way, but may hide health hazards!A survey of 200 domestic refrigerators in foreign countries found that the microbial contamination on refrigerator shelves, vegetable frames and the dishcloths used to wipe the refrigerators was relatively serious [1].Many microbes can’t be frozen to death, even in the freezer.Domestic studies have found that staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and other microorganisms were detected in the freezers of household refrigerators [2].If the refrigerator is not used correctly, the food in the refrigerator can be contaminated with microorganisms.Eat these foods, light may be abdominal pain, nausea, nausea, severe vomiting and diarrhea, serious or even life threatening.Brother Dian, put together a refrigerator safety guide.I hope we are healthy and safe every day.It is best to clean once a month, operation steps: 1. Unplug 2. Take out all food materials 3.In addition to the taste of dried orange peel, lemon, drink dried tea is in addition to the taste of good hands need about 3 days to change a medical stone, activated carbon package only 10 minutes good finally Dian elder brother again ramble: raw cooked to separate;Put leftovers in the order of cooked and born. 1.3. Don’t reheat. Know more: Not only can ambient bacteria drop into the meal as it cools, but the native bacteria in the meal can grow quickly at the right temperature.For example, “Bacillus cereus” is often attached to rice and improperly preserved, which may cause food poisoning. Most of the food contaminated by bacillus cereus has no obvious spoilage or peculiar smell [3].I hope your love, friendship and family affection will never expire and stay fresh all the time.[1] Macias-Rodriguez ME, Navarro-Hidalgo V, Linares-Morales JR., Department of Agriculture and BioEngineering, Purdue University, USAMicrobiological safety of domestic asking and the Dishcloths used to clean them in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Maryland, ET al.[2] Cheng J W, WU L J, HE D F. (in Chinese with English abstract)Current status and cause analysis of microbial contamination in urban household Refrigerators [C]// the third Chinese Clinical Microbiology Congress and Microbiology and Immunology Forum. 2012.10.12.[3] Li Fengyuan.An investigation of food poisoning caused by bacillus cereus [J]. Journal of medical animal control,2015,31(04):455-456.Editor: Guo Qian Zhao Yanan, zhang liang and design: Gao Yuanyuan | proofing: Wu Yi and | typesetting: Li Yongmin operations: ning-ning han | to plan as a whole: Wu Wei exclusive for tencent medical articles, this article second reprint please contact WeChat male “tencent medical” (Dr_TXyidian), transfer will be held accountable in accordance with the law.Source: Tencent Medical Editor: Health education and media Department (data source network, and only used for public propaganda, such as deletion.)