In the next three days, small areas of snow “return”, the temperature will be warm in the fluctuation

2022-06-10 0 By

On the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, the sun continued to “guard” in our city, and the temperature in many places improved.During the day, most of the city’s highest temperature collectively back to minus 15 degrees Celsius.It is expected that in the next three days, small areas of snow “return”, the temperature will be warm in the fluctuation.Let’s look at the forecast.From today night to tomorrow day: light snow in the southeast of Xinzuo Banner, east of Ewenki Banner, central and southern Yakeshi City, and cloudy in other areas.The west wind is force 4-5 in the pastoral area, the east wind is force 3-4 in the pastoral area, and the rest of the region is force 2-3 in the west.From tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow: north of Chenqi, Erguna, Genhe, Yakeshi, west of Oroqen, cloudy to light snow, other areas clear to cloudy.Snow is expected to fall during the day after tomorrow.Pastoral areas in the west of the wind is strong, southwest wind level 4-5.8 night to 9 day, erguna city most, genhe city, yakeshi city north, oroqen qi most, moqi north will have light snow falling.Snowfall time mainly appeared in the night of the 8th.The road is slippery in snowy days, so pay attention to traffic safety.In terms of temperature, tomorrow morning, the minimum temperature in the eastern pastoral area and the western forest area will drop slightly, and then the temperature will start to rise.The northern part of the forest region returns to the temperature obviously, 9 days, the lowest temperature in the northern part of the forest region will be separated from below minus 30 degrees, back up to minus 26 degrees.