Give CAI authority xiama Mawei?”Taiwan independence” did not think of, the Kuomintang directly sounded the horn of counterattack

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It is reported that the quadrennial nine-in-one election will be held in Taiwan on November 26, 2022. All county and city officials in Taiwan will be elected again. Therefore, this election is very important, and it will determine the political landscape of all parties in Taiwan in the next four years.For this important event, various figures of the KUOMINTANG and the Democratic Progressive Party have already begun to lay out their positions and launch political games.It is foreseeable that the political bureau situation in Taiwan will be more complicated and turbulent in 2022 under the influence of the new “nine-in-one” election.In fact, since the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) came to power in 2016, cross-strait relations have become increasingly tense, and the economic and political ecology of Taiwan island has been continuously destroyed.However, there is no shortage of rational, objective and sober people in the island. Although the political base of Taiwan authorities is still stable, the “nine-in-one” election scheduled for the end of the year will also become a key point of change in cross-Straits relations.The kuomintang (KMT), although in the last year of several important political duels with a decline in the island, but as long as the kuomintang can hold the base, do not rule out a political “pendulum effect”, after all, the kuomintang (KMT) party, but the old is a perfect organization system and strong power at the grass-roots level, you can use to describe the “deep rooted tree”.This is not comparable to the ambitious Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which suffered a crushing defeat in the “nine-in-one” election in 2018, when the satisfaction rating of the entire DPP hit rock bottom.Recently, Eric Chu appeared in Tainan, he said, for some failures, blame, he shoulders up, but there are still a lot of things to do in the future, absolutely can not stop!It can be seen that the KMT was not discouraged after the failure of the “four major referendums”. Now it can regroup in a short period of time and make every effort to deal with the “nine-in-one” election, which is a challenge to the Tsai administration. This is also beyond the expectation of “Taiwan independence” again.Of course, the KMT’s counter-attack horn is not blowing, this is mainly because the DPP administration in these years is really chaotic.The worsening of cross-Straits relations, the controversy over vaccines, loopholes in quarantine, and the introduction of “pig” can easily trigger collective counterattacks by sober public opinion.During party activities after the Spring Festival holiday, Ma Ying-jeou and Chu both said that the KMT must unite and work together in the 2022 election for the nine-in-one county mayor.In fact, in addition to cheering up, the KMT also needs to carefully plan its strategy and try its best to attract the votes of intermediate voters, which will have a better chance of winning.The 2022 nine-in-one general election has a great impact on the political ecology of the island, and is equally important to the Mainland, because the direction of this year’s election will determine the camp of the next leader in Taiwan. Therefore, the final result of this nine-in-one election is of great reference value to a large extent.