Full-length legendary novel of the Republic of China “Liyuan Yinhate” fifty-five

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Shen Ying according to good sent intelligence, with everyone to study, deployed the opportunity to attack caotou Mountain, collapse the enemy cooperation, to recapture food program.Disguised as Wang Yaozu’s team, they first ambushed at the foot of the caotou mountain.The guerrillas were in high spirits and ready to fight.After receiving the report of the scout, Ma eight bandits led down the mountain toward the county.Shen Ying ordered immediate action.They found the secret exit according to the map drawn by Cui Chunming, and rushed in one by one.None of the bandits who had been left behind in the ruins expected anyone to climb the mountain, and a few of them were talking to amuse themselves with their guns pointed at their heads.The guerrillas shot a few stubborn bandits and the rest surrendered.The Darianites bound them all.”Good Heavens!Military master, which part are you from?””Asked the donkey in horror.”Under wang Tuan.”Dara replied.”Ah?Oh, my God?Is not to speak good to agree to incorporate, how again change one’s mind?”The donkey regretted it.”How can the Throne tolerate bandits like you? Dream on!Ma Ba may be dead by now.”Daliang said that he deliberately left and directed everyone to search the mountain.The donkey broke free and, like a fish caught in a net, hurried down the hill.Dara feinted after him and fired several shots.The donkey was so scared that it rolled and crawled like a bear being chased by a hunter.He’s going to find his master before something bad happens to him.The guerrillas loaded their wagons with provisions and ammunition, which had been waiting among the trees not far away, and returned joyfully to The mountain with their prisoners.Ma Ba, who was leading a crowd of rabble, felt flattered to see so many people welcoming them. She held her head out and shook hands with Wang Yaozu.Wang Yaozu looked at the coquettish wife behind him, his eyes straight, and even forgot to let go.That face of white let a person want to kiss, half smile not smile full of amorous feelings ogle, bright red big mouth, slender neck, plus breast fat buttocks, graceful willow waist, everywhere coquettish, hold people up, see wang group in the heart itch like a cat in grasp.”And this is…””Untouchable, untouchable…Ma Eight answer, shake that baldheaded laugh.”Oh!Your wife.Please, please, please.”Wang yaozu and Liu Yunfeng shake hands.Holding that white tender hand, at the moment, the heart sour.Thought ma Eight this goods also can find such flowers like beauty?His mother!Yan-fu is not shallow, it is a flower inserted in the cow dung.Ma Ba and Liu Yunfeng followed Wang Yaozu onto the stage.Wang Yaozu read the letter of appointment, ‘seal’ Ma eight XX battalion commander, and presented the military uniform.There was applause.The bandits under the stage all rushed to grab the uniforms.You wear your pants inside out, he wears his cap askew;Some two people fight, even pants are dropped, very lively.At this time, the donkey arrived and opened the crowd. Out of breath, he shouted far away: “Eight ye, I’m not good, I’ve been cheated…”Ma eight, Liu Yunfeng are surprised, I do not know what happened?Hurried off the stage.The donkey pushed his way up to him and panted, “Good heavens!We’re in for the big time.Not long after Master Eight left the mountain, this old fox surnamed Wang sent his men down the secret road and killed several of his brothers. He also robbed them of all the food and ammunition.We voted for him, but he set us up.I risked my life to escape down the mountain to report to eight master, here immediately became a killing field.Take the boys and run, or you’ll get out of cannabis.”Ma Ba was furious at once, turned around and took a few steps. She asked Wang Yaozu, who was standing at the mouth of the platform, why he was blind and wanted to hurt him?Wang Yaozu was startled, thinking that the turtle son could tell his fortune. As soon as he thought of his wife, he figured it out.Wait for him to do an explanation, Ma eight and ask why his hand, end the copycat?Wang Yaozu thought he was talking about the burning of the shanzhai that night, and asked him why he left the shanzhai.If you come here to defect, you are not going to be a bandit.At this moment, one of the guerrillas in disguise, who was among the crowd, fired a gun into the air.A great chaos, crying father Shouting niang people like a headless fly, disorderly hit disorderly escape.Ma Eight really thought fooled, pulled out a pistol aimed at Wang Yaozu is a gun, then greeted the bandits to evacuate.”Get up there and kill the bandits!”Wang Yaozu ducked fast, the bullet only grazed his belly, and he screamed like a pig.The stage and the stage became a mess.People flee, hide everywhere, looking for life, only hate less two legs.Team, bandit coloring style of the same clothing, difficult to divide you and me, fighting with each other.Ma eight took advantage of the chaos led the bandits fled.And the background, looking at ma eight, Liu Yunfeng on stage.Qin Dongsheng was angry and resentful. Xia Kehan shuddered and shrank at the corner.The whole class was in a panic when the gun went off.Qin GUI teach people stay down.Everyone is like dormant insects, not moving.Until the outside to restore calm, Qin GUI let everyone pack up, ready to leave yongshou county.Qin GUI came to wang home to tie lead play capital.The venerable Master Kao Wang groaned and cursed the bandit. Wang Yaozu sat beside him with a pale face.It missed the mark, but it scared the hell out of me.The kao Instructed Wang Fu to settle the case and send the troupe.When Wang Yaozu heard that the troupe was going to leave, couldn’t he see the fairy like Qin Lanya?He straightened himself up, put his hand under his belly, and let them stay a few more days.There’s a big celebration in a few days, and it’s going to be a lot more fun.”It?The troupe will go to other places. It’s all agreed.”Qin Zhi GUI does not want to stay.”Huh?Where do you want to go but to sing, afraid I will lose your money?The ball!It is worthy of me to leave you here to celebrate the victory of our army in suppressing the Communist Party.”He looks like evil spirit, Wang Fu also help.Qin GUI a look hard to take off, had to promise.Back to the Guandi Temple, Qin Guijiao put the car unloaded.Everyone was confused, obviously Wang Yaozu got a gun, and the guerrillas have not met, to celebrate the victory of communist suppression?They fought bandits several times, each with his own casualties, but claimed to have vanquished communist guerrillas.Self-deception, concealment, for their own victory party, is really shameless.Most disappointed was Qin Dongsheng, who wished to leave Yongshou county for Ganzhou, as if his real parents were waiting for him.Unable to walk, no matter what the taste is, fell on the kang, listless.Naughty rides his horse and plays with him. Qin Dongsheng turns him over and they twist into a ball.”Fight, fight, fight.I’m sick of it.”When Xia Kehan went out of the house, he just met Cui Chunming carrying water back. Qin Lanya put down her work and handed him a towel, which almost killed her and hurt her heart.He hated Cui Chunming, anxious to drive him away, drive him a thousand miles, never see also won’t have a word to think.He expected the master to marry him on an auspicious day early, but he said nothing.Anyway in front of guan Emperor’s promise, see him dare to back out?See Qin Lanya cui Chunming that affectionate strength, let him sour, more want to regret.The next day, Qin Lanya in the yard to do sewing.When Xia Was standing in front of him talking ingratiatingly, her indifference cast a gloom over his handsome face.Hearing footsteps, they both looked around and saw a beggar leaning on a date pole enter the room.She started to her feet.”Something to kill…”The beggar motioned for her not to talk, but went straight to the kitchen when she saw the courtyard full of people.