Family conflict causes psychosomatic symptoms

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Wang Ying (pseudonym) walked into zhuzhou City traditional Chinese medicine hospital psychological consultation room, double eyebrows, a sad face.As the Spring Festival approached, she began to suffer from insomnia, dreams and gastrointestinal dysfunction. She underwent acupuncture and physiotherapy in the hospital, but her insomnia could not be relieved.Wang Ying successfully entered a large state-owned enterprise after graduate school and was already a department head in her 30s.Wang ying remarried three years ago with her five-year-old daughter, but her mother was very critical of her son-in-law. In her eyes, he graduated from a junior college and worked in a poor job, which was far less excellent than her daughter.Seeing the Spring Festival, Wang ying and his wife took their bags back to their parents’ home. Because of some trifle, her mother was furious with her son-in-law.Feeling the grievance of her husband, Wang Ying did not return to her mother’s home for the first time on New Year’s Eve.She said she felt something hard, the size of an orange fist, lodged in her chest.I encouraged her to say what was on her mind, and the tears she had been holding back fell pattering with each complaint.”Mom, WHEN I got divorced, I was miserable, and you comforted me.When I finally found happiness, Mr. Calm, optimistic, strong, like a sunshine into my life, let me believe in love again, re-ignited the passion of life.You put a lot of pressure on us by being critical of him.My mood is unstable, my husband and daughter are very tolerant of me, I really very annoyed very angry, and feel special guilty……”Wang ying burst into tears, her body stiffened and her hands shook.I invited her to think about people in her life who gave her warmth and support.She says her husband, daughter and friends all make her feel warm and blessed, like a red light of life.In the flow of love, I invite Wang Ying to stand up and move her body slowly to release the tension, sadness, guilt and other complex feelings in her body…Dancing in the red light of life, Wang ying’s body is no longer tense and stiff, she is more and more soft, more and more comfortable, exudes vitality and enthusiasm of life.She declared loudly: I want a family of harmony and beauty!I want to protect their love!I want to feel free and happy!At this moment, I invited her to face her mother. She said, “We are each responsible for our own lives. Since childhood, I have been used to carrying my mother’s emotions and taking care of others’ feelings, but I always ignore myself.”I love my daughter very much. When she is upset, I can comfort her and protect her.After she remarried, she and her husband were very friendly. It seemed that she no longer needed me. I was very upset.I can’t tell what’s wrong with you, but I’m angry. I can only take it out on my son-in-law…”It turned out that mother’s heart lived a “little girl” who could not express emotion and love.”Little girls” push each other away by rolling around and destroying each other for attention.When Wang ying saw this scene clearly, she burst into tears: “My mother is very strong. When she went to the countryside in her teens, she stopped her studies and put all her expectations on my sister and me.No matter how hard it is, my mother insists that our sisters go to school. We have a better life, but my mother is getting old.In that moment, I understood her loneliness and longing. I knew what to do!”Through tears, Wang made peace with her mother and herself.The hard stuff in his chest melted away.”I can finally sleep at night!”Psychological Consultation Room, Post-traumatic Psychological Rehabilitation Room, Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine:City &experience of traditional Chinese medicine hospital psychological consulting room post-trauma rehabilitation (room) is committed to psychological intervention in patients with posttraumatic psychological stress, psychological crisis disposal, by professional psychological consultants to accompany patients with professional force better, more actively in the face of pain, in the face of life, to assist patients with post-traumatic recovered better.Post-traumatic psychological intervention, caring for patients from the depths of the heart, greatly improved patients’ medical experience.Bi Yawei: National second-level psychological consultant;Director and quasi-trainer of Psychodrama certified by the International Psychodrama, Sociometric and Group Psychotherapy Examination Board (ABEPSGP);Zhuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital “post-traumatic psychological intervention” project leader;Author of the psychological crisis intervention of trauma patients after the easy perioperative psychological elements in the application of psychological crisis intervention patients “blooming” waiting for the next season, “such as paper, more than 30 word novel, and teacher li-ping liu co-authored published the light in the bottom of my heart, with 14 present real life story of psychological theatre, as well as the transformation brought by the protagonist through the psychodrama.