198 yuan of ice dun dun sell 2000 yuan, 75 yuan of down jacket sell 1598 yuan, the same nature

2022-06-09 0 By

Police punished three people for selling a 20cm piece of ice dwen dwen at 198 yuan for 2,000 yuan, Beijing Business Daily reported.The garment brand Yixian was fined 15,704.45 yuan for selling the down jacket costing 75 yuan/piece at a price of 1598 yuan/piece because it was shoddy.Down jacket incident illegal is no problem, consumers do not know the cost of the situation, at high prices to sell, should be calculated to disrupt the market, pit consumer behavior.To be punished, to protect the normal market pricing, competition.And the nature of ice dun dun and this should be different, consumers know that the cost of 198 yuan, willing to buy at the high price of 2000, should be counted as no normal behavior of forced buying and selling.If this is illegal, that part of Maotai liquor was fried to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of bottles, should also be illegal and punished?Ice dun dun fire, big sales, can increase production, so that manufacturers are more profitable, consumers also have a good expectation.As supply and demand improve, prices will naturally come down. We cannot simply punish price changes.(Personal opinion, for reference only)