Village basketball court, wafting a long-lost “New Year flavor”

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The zhongqing review enables villagers of different ages to have a healthy “happy sports year”.I’m a basketball fanatic who plays on average two or three times a week in Guangzhou, but it’s not easy to travel back to my hometown of Taojiacang, a remote village in the mountainous southeast of Hubei province.I used to drive my nephew on a motorcycle to and from the high school in town, a laborious one-hour commute.This year, I’m thinking of getting a basketball court in our village.Now, the spring breeze of rural revitalization is also blowing to my hometown, and the infrastructure in the village is getting better and better, and the entertainment methods of the villagers are increasingly diversified, which gives my idea a practical basis.On the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, AFTER returning to my rural hometown, I bought basketball board online for the first time.Two days later, I received the goods. I called people who like to play basketball to my home in the village wechat group. Two students in grade three, two in grade six and one in grade one, together with my cousin, nephew and me, we set up a preparatory group for Taogicang basketball court.After a simple discussion of site selection, backboard materials, installation and other matters, we took separate actions, someone is responsible for looking for basketball, pump and needle, someone is responsible for cleaning the court, someone is responsible for looking for the thickening sandwich board, moving ladder, looking for electric hammer, an hour later, the simple basketball court appeared in front of us.What could be more exhilarating than playing on a court you’ve built yourself?We had our own courts and could play whenever we wanted, without having to go to town or anywhere else.Every day that followed, the sound of basketball slapping often appeared in the small village of Taojiacang, and I noticed some subtle changes:Who plays more and more, more and more people onlookers, elementary school second grade even kindergarten children eager shooting, part of the elderly have also joined the one-to-one PK or stationary shooting game, playing the children from their orange, orange, candy, chocolate, snacks, such as in the rest of the time to share.I also saw two smartly dressed aunts from the village recording a video on the sidelines and uploading it to an online platform.We enjoyed the good sports time, while keeping fit, while chatting about the family, the Spring Festival atmosphere suddenly became rich.Noticing that some young children can’t shoot, I bought a hoop online on the second day of the first lunar month and installed it 60 cm below the original hoop position.In this way, both children and adults can play with the ball, which is the benefit of the “all-age-friendly” basketball court.My nephew, a sophomore in No. 1 Middle School, told me, “I am so happy this Spring Festival. I can play basketball every day, unlike in school, where teachers rarely let us play basketball.This may be the true sentiment of many rural students.Strengthening rural infrastructure construction is an important part of rural revitalization. It is as important as road construction, land leveling, ditches sorting and broadcasting to reach all villages. It is also the planning and layout of sports equipment and fitness venues in the vast rural areas.A small basketball court can not be underestimated, it is of great significance to get rid of the bad habits of “mobile phone control”, gambling, cards and so on, to enrich and develop rural culture and entertainment activities, to cultivate and stimulate children’s interest in sports, to health all the villagers’ bodies, and to condenses the villagers’ sense of belonging and identity to their hometown.During the Spring Festival holiday, the adults are busy with various social activities, putting most of their time and energy into various parties, indulging in eating, drinking, playing cards, playing mahjong and singing K;The elderly are busy satisfying the taste buds of a large family, taking care of children, cooking and cleaning;Children, on the other hand, are bored, either staying indoors and finishing mountains of homework, or being ignored by busy parents and doing whatever they want, using mobile phones and televisions as playmates.Team sports, such as basketball, allow villagers of all ages to participate in a healthy “happy sports year”.At the time of writing, my 5-year-old son was practicing pitching alone outside the window. He counted 147 points in his mouth. He had pitched for a full 70 minutes.I just heard that the seeds of basketball took root and sprouted in his young heart.I also believe that there are many children in their hometown who can enjoy themselves through sports. These vibrant scenes and their bright hopes for the future form the current picture of rural revitalization.Article/Yao Huasong editor of wechat/Wang Zhong produced by China Youth Daily · China Youth Network