National football vs Japan, Wang Dalei absence, national football attack line worry, Xu Xin will be hearsay influence?

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The 7th round of the Asian Preliminary Round will be on January 27 at 18 o ‘clock in the evening, The Chinese men’s national football team will be away against the Japanese team, which is li Xiaopeng’s first game as the head coach of the national team.Wang Dalei may miss the match against Japan because of injury.According to the latest report from the media, although Wang Dalei played well in the Chinese Super League this season, the fans are calling for Wang Dalei to start, but the probability of Li Xiaopeng replacing the main goalkeeper is not big, Yan Junling will still start the game.And the reason should be that Wang Dalei may be injured.Wang Dalei has been absent from practice for two consecutive days, according to the informed media, the main reason is the old waist injury, so that wang Dalei is basically confirmed to miss the match against Japan, and do not know how to recover at present, may also affect the eighth round of the match with Vietnam.National foot attack line worry, competitive state is difficult to guarantee.The gathering of the National football team, the National football team called up a number of forward players, but several key forward players in the state of worry.Guo Tianyu, the Chinese Super League’s top scorer this season, was absent from the training camp and the match after being included in the squad, with media reports saying he was preparing to go abroad.Wu lei has not scored a goal for Espanyol for a long time and has recently missed seven consecutive Games in La Liga.Los Angeles has been suspended for the match against Japan.Alan has not played a competitive game since the World Cup qualifier against Oman.Originally Li Xiaopeng placed high hopes for fernando’s temporary absence, let the national football team disappointed.At present, the competitive state and training level is also online, and only Zhang Yuning and Wei Shihao.But want to rely on Zhang Yuning and Wei Shihao to impact the Japanese team’s defense, or some inadequate.Xu Xin was hearsay pestered, mind will be on the game?How do you guarantee state?The best gift of the Li Tie era to the National football team is the last two games to create a combination of Wu Xi and Xu Xin.In the match against Oman, Wu Xi and Xu Xin started the game, Wu Xi was responsible for the attack, Xu Xin was responsible for the defense, the two complement each other, invigorating the midfield.Had it not been for Li Tie’s bad move, the match against Oman would have been won.The midfield combination of Wu Xi and Xu Xin has also become the most promising midfield starting lineup for fans.However, during the training camp of the National football Team, the media revealed that Sun Xiang borrowed the convenience of the training camp of the National football team to contact Xu Xin to discuss the transfer of Shanghai Seaport.A number of media people have already said that Xu Xin and Shanghai SIPG basically completed the signing.It’s not a good thing for the national team, or xu Xin himself, to be exposed when the national team is going all out to prepare for the world preliminaries.After the incident, Xu Xin will certainly be affected, unable to concentrate on the training and competition, Li Xiaopeng will let Xu Xin start?I hope Xu Xin can shake off the influence of the transfer controversy in the upcoming Sino-Japanese war and play his due level.At 18 o ‘clock, China will play Against Japan. Japan has a strong team and home advantage, so it is very difficult for China to win.However, the draw is of little significance to the Chinese national football team, which must strive to win in order to retain the possibility of qualifying.All-out attack, bloody, only a glimmer of hope.Li Xiaopeng is expected to make a good start as the head coach of the national team, and the possibility of the National football Team remaining in the World Cup is also expected.I am the sports world boast, continue to pay attention to the latest developments of the National football team, welcome everyone to express their opinions in the comments section, like a little attention!