Is radish nodular “growth agent”?Internist: If you don’t want nodules, eat 4 less

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As the saying goes, radish in winter and ginger in summer don’t require a doctor’s prescription.Radish is one of the more common vegetables in life, sweet and cool, walk, liver, lung, large intestine, etc., can shengjin hemostasis, appetizer spleen, qi phlegm and other pharmacological effects.What are the benefits of eating radish?1, promote digestion and absorption radish is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, inorganic salts, minerals and other trace elements, and these components are nutrients needed by the human body, once lacking, it is difficult to maintain normal physiological operation.It contains glycosylase, which helps food break down fat, and starch accelerates gastrointestinal absorption and improves intestinal power.2, inhibit gastric acid secretion radish contains a large number of decomposition enzymes, amylase, mustard oil, etc., can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, inhibit gastric acid secretion, accelerate metabolism, help improve appetite, especially acid reflux gastroenteritis, appropriate intake of white radish, can relieve belching and other conditions.3. The anti-cancer radish is rich in lignin, which can improve the effective activity of phagocytosis of the proto oncogene in the lymphatic system. At the same time, the radish is also rich in nutritional enzymes that decompose ammonium nitrite, which can fundamentally inhibit the decomposition and replication growth of amine nitrite, and has certain help to prevent cancer.4, enhance immunity of radish cool taste sweet, its zinc element vitamin C content is rich, can enhance human immunity and antiviral ability, set up a hard immune defense line, so as to inhibit the invasion of viruses and bacteria.5, antioxidant capacity radish contains water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, can remove free radicals in the body and skin surface residual melanin, antioxidant capacity is superior, often eat radish can keep the skin white, smooth and delicate, freckle removal wrinkle, acne treatment, beauty.6, accelerate detoxification radish plant fiber elements rich, can promote gastrointestinal power to improve mental metabolism, fast discharge of toxins in the body, remove harmful substances, dilute blood concentration.Talk about nodules in recent years, people pay more attention to health, the number of physical examination has also increased, especially prevention is more than treatment, we hope to have a healthy body.But in the examination report found various types of nodules growth rate, especially female friends, common breast nodules, lymph nodules, thyroid nodules, liver nodules, pulmonary nodules and so on.Nodules are caused by inflammation in the body or infectious inflammation caused by the invasion of the left, irregular abnormal protrusion induration, multiple in various parts of the body, a wide range.However, in general, more than 90% of nodules are benign. If nodules continue to grow, and are irregular and large with ulceration, or malignant transformation is possible, surgical resection and treatment are required.Is radish nodular “growth agent”?As the saying goes, disease comes from the mouth, and disaster comes from the mouth. Now most diseases are closely related to diet. Therefore, with nodules, we must adjust the diet structure and habits to help nodules reverse and restore their condition.White radish is relatively common in life, rich in high pharmacological value.However, many netizens said that these patients are not suitable to eat radish, too much intake will accelerate the advanced growth, is not conducive to physical recovery, is it true?White radish belongs to cruciferous family category, contains a lot of dietary fiber, low fat and low calorie, can supplement the body needed nutrients, improve immunity.It also contains glucosinolates, which is an effective bactericidal substance and can reduce inflammation and eliminate bacteria. Therefore, these patients can take white radish properly in their lives, and also effectively prevent nodular cancer.It should be noted that white radish is cold. Excessive intake will lead to hormone disorder and cold invasion, resulting in abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia and other conditions.Therefore weak physique, female friends at the same time cold physique people must be careful before ingestion.Physician: don’t want to nodular lesions, eat less 4 – Fried food, Fried food, delicious, by men and women, old and young they food, high temperature frying, rich in fat, high heat, contains a lot of cholesterol, cause fat eat free in the blood increases the risk of three tenors disease, genital contains special ingredients will stimulate nodule growth.Hot food Hot food is more common in life, such as garlic, green Onions, peppers and a lot of wax plastic hot eating will aggravate the condition, not conducive to the recovery of nodules.– If high iodine exists in thyroid nodules, it is necessary to stay away from iodine food, otherwise it will lead to endocrine disorders, induce hyperthyroidism and accelerate the growth and reproduction of nodules, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, and even the possibility of malignant transformation.– Patients with high-cholesterol food nodules should stay away from food with excessive fat and cholesterol content such as animal viscera. On the one hand, it is high in calories and easy to increase the risk of disease in food; on the other hand, frequent eating will lead to sub-health and increase the probability of nodules in other parts.
In order to eliminate the knot and scatter the swelling, it is suggested to pay attention to the following nodular morphology: Weak nodules grow rapidly in a short period of time, and their number increases at the same time. It is necessary to go to the hospital for examination to determine the cause and conduct pathological analysis.Do not blindly use drugs: personal constitution is different, so there are differences in seasonal reasons, we must carry out targeted treatment according to their own conditions, do not blindly use drugs, listen to folk prescriptions.Guide to Summer Regimen