Isn’t the Omicron strain scary?102 people died here in one day!

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For now, the novel Coronavirus variant, which is more contagious, is sweeping the globe as the “dominant” strain of the new coronavirus pandemic.However, in the western world, where the epidemic continues to fail, the media, in order to take China to heart and cover up the embarrassing fact of their epidemic failure, have started to promote the omicron strain as “weak” and “low threat” to justify their “liberal” epidemic policy.At the same time, some Chinese who live in these western countries or yearn for that kind of “freedom” began to follow the western media to spread the argument that the Omicron strain is “not terrible”, in order to belittle and deny China’s strict epidemic prevention measures.Today, however, a report from the Los Angeles Times tells a very different story.Because, according to the newspaper’s latest report, a growing number of COVID-19 deaths in Los Angeles County in the United States have occurred after contracting the Omicron strain.Screenshots from the United States, the Los Angeles times reported hereinafter, the paper said on Tuesday, the local reported 102 deaths a day, not only in the local day since last year on March 10, the number of deaths from high, and these cases has 90% of people are ill after Christmas last year, 80% of the disease in 2022.As a result, local medical officials say there is a high probability that the deaths were caused by the Omicron strain.At the same time, local health officials revealed that those who died from the omicron strain deteriorated much more quickly than those infected with other strains.Previously, in an outbreak caused by the Delta strain last summer, deaths typically took four to five weeks from infection or illness to final death, but in many of the deaths reported in Los Angeles County late last week, only three weeks passed from symptoms to death.”Although officials say people infected with the Omicron strain usually do not develop the severe symptoms seen in people infected with the Delta strain, they also say the strain can be deadly in some people,” the Los Angeles Times wrote.The newspaper said deaths from omicron infection would continue to rise, even if it was “less virulent” than other strains.This is also consistent with what Chinese public health experts, such as Zhang Wenhong, have said that the omicron strain, while “less virulent” than other strains, can still “bite” and even kill people with weak immune systems.And in addition to the deadly omicron strain being tested in the United States, the strain’s impact on healthcare resources is being felt in places like Los Angeles County.The Los Angeles County health official, for example, said that as of Sunday, 794 coronavirus cases were being treated in intensive care units at local hospitals, down from 1,731 on Jan. 8, the peak of the epidemic, but up 28 percent from a week earlier.An expert at a US hospital interviewed by the Los Angeles Times also said that while the strain was “less lethal” than the Delta strain, it was highly contagious, meaning more people could become infected.As a result, even if only a “small percentage” of these people become seriously ill, with a “huge” infection base, this will still lead to more severe cases and deaths, burdening hospitals.At the same time, the expert said, the easy spread of the omicron strain could lead to further shortages of already stretched health care workers, with significant impact on the functioning of the health system.The Los Angeles Times also cited a paper in the Lancet, a leading British medical journal, on omicron’s threat to the health system.Although 80 to 90 percent of omicron infections are asymptomatic, the large case base resulting from large-scale infections can still fill hospital beds in some countries, the paper said.”This is now the national picture in the United States,” the Los Angeles Times wrote. “In recent days, the number of Novel Coronavirus hospitalizations in the United States has reached 145,000.That’s more than 124,000 during last winter’s round.”The daily number of COVID-19 deaths in the US this winter has also surpassed previous summer outbreaks caused by the Delta strain, the newspaper said.The daily death toll nationwide in recent days has been nearly 2,000. While that is lower than last winter’s 3,400 daily deaths, it is higher than the summer peak of about 1,900 daily deaths.Therefore, if We in China follow the example of the United States and relax our epidemic prevention measures and adopt “Buddhist” or “free” epidemic prevention, the impact of Omicron on China, a country with 1.4 billion people, a large population density and an increasingly aging population, will be a nightmare.Even if some people think that “it is not my fault to die”, only “a small number of people” will die, and this “small number of people” is “unbearable” for the whole country, or for those unfortunate individual families.Finally, the Los Angeles Times talked about getting vaccinated.Those who do not receive the coronavirus vaccine are 23 times more likely to die of the Novel coronavirus infection than those who receive the full dose, the newspaper said, citing a statement issued by the Los Angeles County Health Department.Original: Honest brother