At the beginning of the popularity of female e-sports players, now do what?

2022-06-06 0 By

When it comes to e-sports, the first thing that comes to mind must be men. After all, female professional players are not common for physical reasons, but in fact, there are a lot of female professional players in the professional circle, but there are fewer of them.Recently, LJL Japan’s Rascal Jester team has had another player, reportedly 17 years old, who is currently used by professional teams.Many “ten years old fans” come again!The player, named Shakespeare, has made his debut in the second team of RJ team last year and has participated in large-scale competitions jointly held by China, Japan and South Korea, which can be described as having certain experience.As can be seen in the picture below, he looks very “classic” and his eyes are very attractive, just like a high school student who has not grown up.In any case, this player is not only good at games but also good at appearance.It is the home also has a lot of female professionals, such as furnace stone legend “lion sauce”, in 2019 the grandmaster title in the global finals, this is not only the clothes players for the first time on the blizzard carnival “hearth legend” individual champion, is also the first woman to win the project, this may be of the highest honor a female player,At that time, there was a rumor that there would be more and more female professional players.Miss is known to everyone who plays League of Legends. She was a professional player in Warcraft iii for 5 years and won the champion of the Women’s group in Guangzhou division. In 2012, she also turned professional in StarCraft II and then moved to the video commentary of League of Legends, BATTLEground.In the game of King of Glory and PubG, there are many female players. For example, Yue Yue, a passer-by of PUBG, got good results in CSG team with three male players. Her appearance is also very sweet, and she keeps a sense of mirror at any time.King of glory of the sweet ke looks tall, in a variety of small competition wind fresh water.Generally speaking, although the professional players of esports are generally male, as Shi Jiang said, there may be more and more female professional players in the future, and their performance gradually begins to improve. At present, many female professional teams are recruiting, and IT is believed that the related system of female professional players will be more and more perfect in the near future.What do you think?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.