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In the course of a long life, everyone will encounter numerous choices.Since ancient times, people have described life as a path of obstacles, meaning that if you want to go through this life and realize your ideal, you need to go through many hardships, and keep persevering and making efforts.Such a life is undoubtedly hard, so in order to avoid this hard, there are a lot of people will move a crooked mind, hoping to rely on a shortcut to achieve the curve of life overtaking.Such thinking is of course dangerous and undesirable, for what is not earned will one day be lost in some other way.And what we want to say today, it is such an illusion to climb to the top of the sky through shortcut, but finally fall to the bottom of the female cadre, her name is Yu Minyan.In 1983, Yu Minyan was born in yixing, a small town in Jiangsu Province. Her parents were both ordinary migrant workers. Although they did not give Yu a comfortable life, they also gave her plenty of food and drink.Yu Minyan is brought up gradually in such ordinary and tender feeling environment, meanwhile, her parents also discovered his daughter’s outstanding appearance gradually.In a group of children her age, Yu Minyan’s beautiful face always catches people’s attention at a glance.Perhaps influenced by this, Yu minyan was sent to learn piano by her parents. She later passed the art examination and was admitted to Nanjing University of the Arts, majoring in piano.Seeing this, some people may feel a little strange, since Yu Minyan has been studying art major, how could she go into politics?So, during the university, yu Minyan because of beautiful appearance, a senior official named Yang Weize was known below chance coincidence.There is a big age gap between Yang weize and Yu Minyan, and they are already married, so they should not have any special relationship.But actually, Yang Weize covet to yu Minyan’s beauty unceasingly, and Yu Minyan also is ambitious, the hope can leap through Yang Weize’s help and go up, realize the metamorphosis of class.In this way, the two of them, one greedy for power, one lecherous, a long time on the establishment of improper relationship.After this, Yu Minyan is exactly as she expected, not only directly after graduating from college into the Youth League committee of a university in Nanjing, but also later transferred to the government.You know, Yu Minyan was just an ordinary graduate with no work experience at that time, and then she was just an ordinary employee. She could be hit by good luck again and again, which really surprised her classmates and friends.After entering government, Ms. Yu rode Mr. Yang’s connections through the ranks and later served as the head of a propaganda department in a city in Jiangsu province.During this period, is still less than 30 years old Yu Minyan also once because of good looks in the network popular, and was called by a lot of net friends “the most beautiful official”, but also has the city of Wuxi first beauty propaganda minister title.But what the naive netizens did not know was that the most beautiful official was not only secretly trading power and sex, but had even given birth to a daughter for Yang.And yu Minyan this kind of unceasing expanding ambition, also took her toward endless abyss finally.In 2015, Yang Weize, yu’s backer, was suspended and investigated for suspected disciplinary and illegal activities.Of Yang Weize fall, make all the time attach to his Yu Minyan also hard escape legal sanction.One night after that, Yu minyan was also taken away by the central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), which was in charge of investigating the incident, and her punishment would be merciless.After Yu minyan was caught, her actions over the years came to light.Those who had wondered at her frequent promotions were finally getting answers.Yu minyan’s behavior deserves people’s condemnation. She sold herself to gain power, which is a very abhorrent behavior.Life in this world, in addition to ups and downs, will also meet countless temptations.How to maintain themselves in the whirlpool of power and luxury is a lifelong subject that everyone has to study.But no matter what, you can’t go wrong by pushing yourself one step at a time.Down-to-earth, with their own hands to create a better life, is what we should do.