Yan ‘an goes with the Winter Olympics

2022-06-05 0 By

As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games continues, skiing in Yan ‘an is popular, yan ‘an citizens gathered at the ski resort, a feast of ice and snow.Entering the Yan ‘an New Area International Ski Resort, tourists in ski suits, ski on skis, holding poles, gallop down the ski slope, enjoy the fun and exciting ice and snow sports.Chen Chen, a skier, feels the charm of ice and snow, and also feels the ultimate challenge, helping the Olympic Games, Yan ‘an ice and snow and Winter Olympics.With the holding of the Winter Olympic Games, more and more teenagers in Yan ‘an also participate in ice and snow sports.Today is my fourth time to come, I feel very fun, very exciting.I want to be like the big brothers and big sisters on TV in the future, also go to the competition.It is reported that in the past month, the number of visitors to the Yan ‘an New Area International ski Resort has doubled, especially on weekends, nearly 1,000 people come to ski almost every day, and ice and snow sports have become one of the most popular outdoor sports for Yan ‘an residents in winter.Yan ‘an Rong Media Center reporter Liu Gang Wu Tong