Yan Fuquan: Let more people know this “magic pear”!

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“In recent years, The market of Tianci Guibao has been expanding. Since last year, our market has begun to take shape. Now, tianci Guibao products are sold in 30 provinces and cities across the country, with corresponding sales channels, and also favored by some high-end consumers.It shows the good market prospects and unique competitiveness of our prickly pear.”Tianci Guibao chairman Yan Fuquan said.In recent years, guizhou bestowed your treasure food co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “divine your treasure”) relying on anshun gold cili resources, is committed to building base, farmers, deep processing and market the whole industrial chain, further enhancing the added value of the gold thorn pear, showing good market prospects and unique competitive power, to divine your treasure to become bigger and stronger in the competition of the market economy to lay a solid foundation.In 2021, On the basis of the original 9 series of products, Tianci Guibao successfully launched the “double organic” products, that is, planting organic, producing and processing organic, and introduced the cold pressing technology from China Agricultural University to realize the processed products of roxrose juice without additives and preservatives.In the past year, the company overcame the impact of COVID-19 to promote enterprise innovation and growth, with annual product sales increasing by 30% compared to 2020.In this bright “report card” behind, Yan Fuquan and god-given Guibao still have untold story.Yan Fuquan is a real farmer’s child in Henan province. In 1999, he came to Anshun for the first time and worked in The Jinxing Brewery. However, by chance, he came into contact with roxthorn pear and learned that it has high nutritional value.”I tried to make roxburgh rose juice in 2007 but failed,” said Yan.Until 2011, Yan Fuquan saw a sharp increase in the production of Roxburgh rose in Anshun city, but the sales volume was limited. The market price of fresh fruit dropped from 25 yuan per jin to 1.5 yuan per jin, which severely hit farmers’ confidence. He began to feel heartbroken.”We established Guizhou Tianci Guibao Food Co., Ltd. in Anshun Shuangyang Industrial Park. The company started construction in May 2015, and it only took 190 days to put into operation, creating an amazing speed of plant construction and operation.”Yan Fuquan introduced to reporters.Our products include roxburgh rose juice, roxburgh rose dried, roxburgh rose slices, roxburgh rose dew, roxburgh rose wild compound drinks, roxburgh rose cream sugar and related compound protein drinks and lactic acid bacteria drinks.”I just want to let more people know that there is a kind of treasure called roxburgh rose in the southwest of China, which brings the hope of prosperity to millions of Guizhou farmers who grow roxburgh rose, so that all Chinese people can have the opportunity to taste the green, environmental protection and original plateau ‘magic pear’ — Roxburgh rose.””Mr. Yan said.By the end of 2020, Tianci Guibao has processed 80,000 tons of roxroth raw materials annually, achieved an annual output value of more than 80 million yuan, lifted 450 registered poor households out of poverty and increased incomes of more than 2,500 households every year.”I am the boss of an enterprise, but above all, I am a Communist party member. I shoulder social responsibilities, and I want to encourage more farmers to continue to increase their income and stabilize poverty alleviation. I want to contribute to the ‘Guizhou goods’ and the promotion of famous, special and high-quality agricultural products from Guizhou to the whole country, consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and boost rural revitalization.”Yan Fuquan said firmly.On January 7, 2022, the first meeting of the Fifth Committee of The CPPCC Anshun was held.As a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Yan said he will make greater contributions to rural revitalization while doing a good job in the deep-processing industry of roxburgh rose.He hopes to extend down on the basis of enterprises + cooperatives + farmers to maximize the interests of farmers.At the same time, we will fulfill our social responsibilities, continue to play a leading role as a model, and inject greater synergy into rural revitalization.Anshun Economic Development Zone Rong Media Center Chen Rongqing Zhao Caijun Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Lu Daji Editor Long Piao editor Tian Minjia Liu Sibo