The country strictly controls “big demolish big build”, old house executes “new order”, 2 kinds of person value rises?

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Wen: Zheng Dan’s overnight wealth may have a lot of, the most easy to achieve is to buy lottery and win the lottery and demolition.Of course, winning the lottery is just a probability event, many people still hope to be able to become a “second generation”.However, the massive demolition and construction has affected the stability of housing prices, so the state has long announced new policies to replace demolitions.As for this policy, it is “old reform”, in other words, the demolition in the market has successfully ended.Of course also is not to say later the house does not have the possibility that demolish again, nevertheless besides the room age is too long “dangerous room”, other old house uniform can transform transform.The issue of this order, also let the market has undergone earth-shaking changes.To put it simply, “splitting the second generation” has since disappeared from the market, while two other categories of people have increased in value or wealth.If you’re one of them, congratulations.From 2015 to 2018, construction started on more than 6 million housing units, compared with 5.25 million housing units from 2019 to 2020, according to statistics.Figures for 2021 are not yet available, but only about 1.5 million units are expected.Moreover, in the next five years, the scale of shantytown renovation will be further reduced, and the total annual construction of shantytown renovation may be less than 800,000 units by 2025.In addition, as early as 2021, relevant departments have made it clear that they will strictly control “large-scale demolition and construction”.After the demolition stops, the old houses will be renovated, including whitewashing walls, building new parking lots and installing elevators to improve residents’ happiness.As for the implementation of the old reform plan, which two types of people will be affected, let’s take a look below!Even if the owner of the old village with better location is the same old house, the situation of different location will be completely opposite.In simple terms, the surrounding supporting resources are perfect, and the geographical location of the old community, after the old reform of the house price or so rise, the community appreciation of the owner’s value will naturally rise.After the transformation of many old residential areas, the residential area is obviously “popular”, even if the resale price can go up.It is well known that the high-rise owners of the elevator, the renovation of the old room, the elevator is the most troublesome step.The residents of the first and second floors are not able to use them and are not willing to install elevators at all.And 5, 6 floor owners because of the high floor, is certainly hoping to install the elevator.Before the elevator was installed, houses on the fifth and sixth floors were the most difficult to sell. Everyone felt it was too tiring to climb stairs and inconvenient to travel.With the installation of elevators, the situation has been reversed.High-rise lighting, ventilation and other advantages are amplified, coupled with travel elevator, there is no trouble climbing stairs too tired, the house is popular instead.This shows that the old room after the elevator, living in the high-rise owners, value is certainly higher than before.And the groups that benefit most from the old reform are the two categories mentioned above.Of course, in the process of urbanization, there are many decisive factors in whether old houses can be demolished or will undergo renovation.People who plan to buy old houses must be cautious.Urban planning has also brought more uncertainty after demolition was halted.If it is from live, then buy a new house, old house difference is not big.Even if there is no demolition, as long as it can be used to live on the line.Think twice before buying with an appreciation in mind or with the intention of changing hands.As housing prices stabilize in the future, there will be less room for appreciation of older homes.This article is originally produced by Jufu Finance. Please do not reprint it without permission.