“Indian Girl” feature film clip champion mother sharp-tonned but heart-wrenching

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Women self-help warm snapshot “Indian girls today issued a” mother “positive film clips, depressed home herself after she, lonely and frustrated by his mother to see in the eye, always play mother against daughter, in their own way to motivate the Chloe dasey, many have to watch the movie in advance the film audience, said moved by mother this more bark than bite a red eyes.The film, written and directed by Arulaja Kamaraj and starring Aishwarya Rajesh, Sajaraj and Swakkatyan, will hit cinemas across the country on March 18 and is currently in hot presale.The “Champion Mother” feature film released today is one of the most touching points in the emotional core of the film.Music as pressing her figure determined mother, raised eyebrows in the night with your neighbors, has long opposed daughter played her mother will be supposed to dasey’s cricket equipment fell on the ground, only when everyone thought mother accused of Chloe skirted the coming, mother’s propaganda is to those who in front of her eyes and gossiping behind the root, neighborhood, worldly prejudice,At this moment, they are all held back by their mother, in order to inspire their daughter, Chloe, to strive for her dreams and love.”Remember, if you want something, just wanting it isn’t enough. You have to fight for it.”Unlike her father’s silent love, her mother’s love for Chloe is harsh and fierce. The same is that, in the way of ordinary girl Chloe’s pursuit of love, the support of her parents has never been absent, which has become the most solid backing of Chloe’s inspirational life.An audience once sighed: “Sometimes life ends in different versions, but in each version, the depth of affection is the same.”The film “The Indian Girl” tells the story of Chloe, an ordinary girl from a poor family, with a firm dream of cricket, under the protection and support of the family, breaking through prejudice and doubt, stick to love, to fight to win the world to listen to the story.One charity event was particularly warm among the previous pre-viewing events.With the theme of “Win, so that the world can hear my voice”, Chloe’s story inspired more than 30 groups of families with autistic children. The theme of the film broke the prejudice and touched the tears of the audience. The film was praised as “the most inspiring film of 2022”.Warm, inspirational, female power, is the film “Indian Girl” presented to the audience the most prominent flash characteristics;The strong emotional resonance touches the most soft and vulnerable part of many audiences, which is the media way that the film hopes the audience to gain courage.Plain lens language and characterization, the film reflects the reality and the audience the most real connection.With the counterattack of an ordinary girl, the audience can see more possibilities of sticking to their love, and the strength of female tenacity can be seen by more people. With the earnest expression and transmission of the film, IT is believed that the audience immersed in it will be deeply encouraged and motivated during the movie.The film “Indian Girl” was produced by India Swakatien Film Production Company, imported by China Film Group Corporation, distributed by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., LTD., dubbed by China Film Group Translation Production Co., LTD., and promoted by Pearl River Film Media Co., LTD.The film will be screened in China on March 18, 2022, and is currently in hot presale. Love let her stick to it, don’t stop her, take the champion!(Editing by Abu-Rodi)