A remote county in Sichuan province has eight railway stations but no traffic lights for 230,000 people

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In sichuan province, many counties have not been railway, there is no station, especially in the western sichuan region, such as yajiang county, rong county, and so on, but have a remote county in sichuan, with size of the railway station as many as eight, even more than the number of some city, the county is ganluo county, ganluo county has several big characteristic, let the county is different.First of all, There are so many railway stations in Ganluo County. It is a county under Liangshan Prefecture, not in the imagination of everyone, but in a remote location. It is located in the southwest of Sichuan province, adjacent to Ya ‘an city and more than 300 kilometers away from Chengdu.Followed by ganluo county area and population is not much more special, just better than most western sichuan county, currently has 13 towns, with a total area of 2150.79 square kilometers, is the latest population statistics, 230000 people, but the population of permanent residents here compared to other counties and cities, a lot of good permanent population has reached 200000 people, is read, the people here, as it were,There is no siphon effect of population as elsewhere.Finally, although there are many railway stations in Ganluo County, most of them are fourth-class stations. Only Ganluo station and Ganluo South Station are the two main stations. Cheng-kun Railway passes through here, which also makes it very convenient for people to go to Chengdu and Kunming.However, it is surprising that such a county has only one main road and no traffic lights, which is somewhat contradictory to the high-rise buildings on both sides.Ganluo County has the same layout as many counties in Sichuan province. The county seat is built along the river, and there are many mountains on both sides. Perhaps because of the terrain limitation, a main road layout is formed.Only a little sadly, ganluo county, while county has distinguishing feature very much, but the whole county’s tourist attractions is relatively less, and there is no in sichuan-tibet highway, nor in the ring to chengdu trekking routes, so the whole county’s tourism industry is not particularly rich, but also is not all bad, travel here, even if it is busy season, consumption level is low, but relatively few people,The most important thing is that there are many specialties here.For example, the geographical landmark product, Tartary buckwheat, can not be found anywhere else. It is similar to the highland barley of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Other characteristic foods include green thorn fruit and wild fern, all of which are good for people’s health.Of course, if you go to Ganluo County, I recommend you must go to a niujiao Sea, here primitive, plain, beautiful scenery, no commercialization, especially in May, azaleas bloom, the most suitable for play, but also must go to ganluo terrace to enjoy some.