Where are you going this weekend?Come to pingba Xiaohewan to pick strawberries

2022-06-04 0 By

On February 14, the weather was warm, the reporter drove to Pingba District Xiayun Town Xiaohewan village, the fields on both sides of the road, rows of greenhouses neatly uniform, particularly striking.Into the greenhouse, a lush strawberry rows neatly arranged, a sweet strawberry fragrance, a strawberry in the green foil appears delicious red tender.”As soon as I heard that the strawberries were ripe, I brought them to experience the fun of picking while the children were on holiday. The strawberries in Xiaohewan village were as sweet as my first love.”Yang, from Guiyang, told reporters that her family had come in the morning and were going to the village to taste the farm food and relax after picking strawberries.It is understood that in recent years, Xiaohewan village has increased the development efforts of combining agriculture and tourism, and vigorously developed the strawberry industry through the promotion and application of advanced cultivation technology and the introduction of large-scale cultivation by merchants. It has adopted the development mode of integrating agriculture and tourism, such as picking experience and ecological tourism, to drive farmers to increase their income and help rural revitalization.Gao Xiaorui is the strawberry farmer in the village, this year is her eighth year of planting strawberries, with the development of tourism industry in Xiaohewan village, more and more people come to play, her planting scale also developed from the original several greenhouses to more than 40, to achieve income and wealth.”My strawberries range from creamy, chocolate and clear. The garden opened in December last year and can be picked in greenhouses until May next year. It’s very good.”Gao Xiaorui due to the wrong peak strawberry market, strawberry sales in short supply.At present, the market price reaches 25-40 yuan per catty, and each greenhouse can pick 3000 to 4000 catties.”Now it’s mainly fun picking,” Gao said. “Every weekend and holiday, tourists from Guiyang and Anshun come to pick.”Anshun resident Ms. Zhan said, “I heard that Xiaohewan village has beautiful scenery and can also pick strawberries, so I invited some friends to pick strawberries. The strawberries here are delicious, the environment is good and the transportation is convenient.”It is reported that the construction of strawberry greenhouse base in Xiaohewan Village has brought economic benefits to the people nearby. Through the development of the industry, employment will be driven nearby. After the people learn planting technology, they will invest in the strawberry planting base with land.Today, Xiaohewan village relies on strawberry picking garden and other agriculture and tourism integrated tourism park, focusing on building rural tourism, coupled with xiaohewan village’s superior geographical location, perfect infrastructure, gradually attracting the surrounding people to come to leisure and entertainment, for the local people and tourists to create a comfortable and healthy living environment.Statement above information source @ Anshun Daily big data wisdom all media reporter @ Feng Yubin