Novel: The test before promotion

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Zhang retired the second line of news is the office director Li in the boiling water room when the boiling water came out, less than half a day, the company up and down all know Zhang to retire the second line of news, some feel sorry, some heart.Director zhao and director of money two people heard this news, the reaction is different than the rest of the company, because the superior determined from the two of them a deputy general manager of the company, Zhang always decided to promote who is the key figure of the deputy general manager, now Zhang always take a back seat, for the two director also do not know who is beneficial.Before going off work that day, Director Zhao knocked on zhang general office.Mr. Zhang, I heard you are going to retire?Yeah, a few of the vice presidents are a little old, if I don’t move to make room, the vice presidents will scold me!I really loathe to return it to you. Please continue to care about my personal progress.Don’t care, quit the second line!Director Zhao left Zhang general office, turned to replace Zhang general voice of the highest Deng Deputy general office.Deng ah, since I have been working to get your careful cultivation, under your cultivation when the deputy section chief, section chief, follow you along the way benefit, then you will train me to become a deputy general manager, can continue under your hand, follow you to do, think let me excited!It’s all your own hard work. Don’t mention it!The second day just went to work, the director of money knocked open zhang general office door, Zhang always see the director of money come in, obviously with a kind of extremely disappointed eyes swept the money long.What can I do for you?Mr. Zhang, I have two major tasks to report to you ——.Is there anything else?No more.Zhang total nodded, with gratified eyes to send money director left the office.After a few days, director Zhao did not enter zhang general office, but often from deng deputy general office in and out;Director of money always as usual as normal work, as if Zhang retired, who took over his boss with him no relationship.A few days later, director Li of the office notice, the company organized a safety production situation analysis meeting, Zhang always want to listen to the detailed report of each director.The meeting began, a portion of the director asked, obviously relaxed think zhang total want to refund the second line, there is no need to express themselves in front of a total again, again how performance also no benefit, for the meeting are obviously insufficient or simply have no preparation, a report said no specific questions, analysis is the key to the deep reasons, up with a solution to the problem,Director Zhao is one of them.And the director of money or as usual to do a lot of preparation work, report when there are specific problems, analysis of the cause of both the analysis of the unit, and analysis of the bureau guidance is not in place, and put forward specific solutions, the report appears to be very fully prepared and serious.Mr. Zhang, have you decided who to promote?I believe you are a principled person. The person you use in your own unit is decided by your own unit. We only go through a process.Before paragraph of time I am not to worry oneself know person prohibit, to two director promote after all use of whose problem vacillate!Recently, ah, I with Deng vice president came up with a “quit the second line” rumors test them, through a few things of observation, I and Deng vice president agreed that the director of money is loyal and honest, work seriously practical, the company suggested promoting the director of money.Half a month later, the superior company issued the appointment document of Qian Deputy general manager.Director Zhao ran to the company office to blame Director Li, blame him for fabricating Zhang “quit the second line” rumors, bad his promotion.Director Li said, who is to blame if you can not withstand the test?Director Zhao was asked by Li Ren speechless!