It’s not obvious, but you can feel it

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How many people who change their minds will admit to changing their minds?We often have a preset in the relationship: is the hope that one day if the other person does not love, fall in love with someone else, he can also tell me, I will choose blessing.To accept the worst result in advance, is the hope that when falling in love, he can have no reservations, no cheating, promise to be honest in love.You can change your mind, but don’t drag me, deceive me, let me feel worried about gains and losses.In a relationship, one person changes his mind, but he denies that the experience is bad.Obviously don’t feel his love, he doesn’t break up, but also pretend to care about you, will give people a feeling of anxiety.I believe that many people who have been cheated on have experienced such love.He had other girls, but tried to hide, he was absent-minded, always let you feel no heart in love.He suddenly said he needed more privacy, even if you were angry.But you broke up, and he doesn’t know.You say he does not love, he said: “no, you see I usually do so much for you, isn’t it all love?But you know what he did, he could have done it to someone else.He talks about how nice he is to you and how much he has done, but in a girl’s sense, it’s like completing a task, and he’s just trying to maintain a relationship with minimal effort.He’ll have time to find someone else.The person who changes heart, he is afraid of his regret, afraid of losing the blessing of the whole people, afraid of the new find not as good as the old, so he dare not say that he does not love.Greedy men will want both because they can like both of them, satisfy different needs and get used to it.And if married, the man is more afraid of being found by his wife, to the outside of the heart of philandering.So from that moment on, all they can do is act in front of their wives and pretend they still love her.But no matter how good the acting is, a woman will also feel true or false, love and not love is a woman’s intuition.Similarly, if the woman changes heart is also, will be extremely tangled.Later, I think love can honestly say, is really to overcome their greed.Human nature is greedy, more than a hole is not too much, no feeling can also treat each other as a tool man.Therefore, people who change their minds have no sincerity and dare not speak the truth.Some people say: “I don’t love you, let’s break up!Because I don’t feel your love.”Such words are often from love and not that person, and really do not love often fart all dare not put a.They don’t say, “I don’t love you anymore, but I want to continue our relationship until I find someone else, ok?”However, this is their true psychological portrayal, so from the moment he takes the idea, the lie is born, the trust will gradually collapse.In the future get along, always cheat each other.Because his heart is not in his partner, he will make all kinds of secret moves, flirting with the opposite sex, and going out with other people.As long as he doesn’t meet the right person, he will continue to fall in love with the person he is currently with.It’s better to talk to the air than to talk to the water. This is the nature of many men.Such an approach is purely selfish.The male friend of friend xiao Xiao, before xiao Xiao discovers he splits an affair, already changed two third party.But xiao Xiao to the third just caught him cheating on the real evidence, in the past just doubt, so often quarrel, Xiao Xiao feel her boyfriend does not love him at all.Her instincts were right, too, but why not break up?Because do not have evidence to be placed in front of, cannot convince oneself, won’t break up easily more, and two people get along already become habit.In fact, Xiao Xiao also had no very strong to her boyfriend, feelings are consumed in the usual quarrel.We also sometimes advise her to meet new people and dump them when she meets them.Xiao Xiao usually indoorsy, and she felt so selfish, once she went to see other boys, there will be a sense of guilt.I can’t believe I’ve already gone through two rounds of boyfriends.So come, xiao Xiao heart more angry, kui she still feel afraid to hurt him!So many affairs were unforgivable, she just packed her bags and left, crying bitterly.It can be seen that men do not care so much, meet like, want to have a try, they will never admit that they are selfish.02 dare not say I do not love for some change of heart, not necessarily want to cheat, but together for too long, really do not feel.In particular, couples who have been married for a long time often touch their right hand with their left.They will admit and partner is family, but dare not say, I do not love, there is no love.Because if he did, he would lose a lot, especially his partner’s kindness to him.There are a lot of casual couples around us who got married without love.After two or three blind dates, both parents decide to get married.My friend Meimei said that she would marry anyone anyway, and it would be nice not to hate him.After marriage, the two of them went to other places to do business. At the beginning, it was a little new. Meimei would share some of her daily life with her husband.But the day was dull, and then did not share, but also in the group sighed, as if he had not met love.The couple seldom quarreled because they had little communication.Two people work in a store, like colleagues, like friends, but always lack of spiritual needs, when they are apart, rarely chat, miss and so on.Meimei did not love her husband, but she dared not say so.And then what, she thought, leave the house?She said that maybe her husband can also feel her everyday behavior.For example, she does not want to have a child, said she is lazy, do not like to do housework, life is a little boring.She had a little regret at the beginning of the marriage, the older the more want to come to a sensational feelings, or always feel that something has not been completed.There was some love in the beginning, but her husband was boring and not her type, so it didn’t last long.With Meme’s mindset, divorce is only a matter of time.She did not dare to speak out, is afraid of hurting her husband, because the man is not at fault.Once you change your mind, you can’t face yourself.If you can’t accept that you don’t love, you’re afraid to tell your partner the truth.Such a lack of honesty and true feelings in life, there is no sense of intimacy at all.The relationship is just a shell. It can’t stand the test.03 Change of heart should not openly say?Whether a couple or a husband and wife, if the change of heart should not openly say?As the hidden party, of course, want the relationship to be honest.If the life does not want to go on, I will respect the other party’s decision, after all, who can decide what he loves?But the person who changes heart, if still want to maintain the original relationship, is tantamount to put each other in a spare position at any time.As soon as something better comes along, you can dump the one you don’t have feelings for.However, no one wants to stay in a position where they can be abandoned at any time.People often can not feel empathy, and as the change of heart that party, what he considers is how to balance the well-being of people?How do I keep her from finding out that I changed my mind and hanging her?We can be in a relationship for so long that we don’t even know it’s changed.For example, a few days ago, the husband of zhou Xiaoke, a net celebrity, cheated on more than 400 people in just a few years.After being discovered, the man kneeled down in front of Zhou Xiaoke and admitted his mistake, showing that he still loved her very much. I couldn’t believe it.Week small knock soft forgive him, turn a head to discover he added back to each cannon friend again, still searched out a dozen strange female underwear, this call love?He’s just selfish. He wants the red flag to fly at home, but not outside.However, after experiencing so many women, no one can completely replace Zhou Xiaoke, so it is just a sad drama, unreliable also can not do, honest.In a relationship, it is kind to be honest with your partner.Don’t love to tell the other side frankly, let the other side no longer look forward to, even if a sad, better than her dream.One should not go too far, especially in a girl’s youth, many men always want to squeeze her dry time and then break up, but do not intend to marry her.Or after marriage, change of heart, let her be a raising children, do housework tools, and then in the outside, this is very cruel things.In this society, more and more men and women in emotional issues, people become not open, always want to play.I don’t know if I like it or not. I don’t know if I changed my mind. I always want to attract a lot of the opposite sex to show my value and charm.It’s actually kind of boring, because these things end up being a waste of time.Because if you don’t love, you’re wasting your time.If you have time to procrastinate with someone you don’t like, you’d better be honest and open to pursue your love.The author | flight feathers a self-exploration of the person you like, to grow as the goal, experience for road, sincerely for the heart, live the utmost freedom of life.