I, studying abroad in Russia, married to the rich second generation, the husband is not good, with the children back to make a living

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My name is Cao Ying. I was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang province in 1992. I am 30 years old this year.When I was young and like to play to the neighboring Russia, after the university entrance exam, although admitted to a college, but decided to go abroad to study, the first is my family is not bad, fully able to cope with my studying abroad, so, after the college entrance examination and consult with mom and dad, I can study in Russia, so, is out of the back, and give yourself the gold-plated.When my parents heard my proposal, they felt a little surprised, because none of them had gone abroad, and it was uncertain whether a girl could adapt and be happy in a foreign country.But I was not so much, some wayward, parents see this situation, I am iron heart to go to Russia, in Harbin a study abroad agency asked about the situation, in Russia to study abroad cost is not much, and finally decided to send me to Moscow to read.As the only child, my parents are used to everything, spoil, the capricious strength always can not change, as long as my parents dare to scold, I went to my grandparents that complaint, and my father is a big filial son, so every time will let me, as long as can be satisfied, will do everything possible to make me happy.My childhood is happy, grew up in the city of ice and snow, personality is careless, there are a lot of good friends, know that I want to study abroad, many friends cast envious eyes, you say a word I say a blessing, feel oneself instantly became the focus.But when I really came to Russia, I found that it was not as beautiful as I expected. In Moscow, the city was full of formality everywhere, and it seemed that people here were all feeling very straight.In Fact, there are not many Chinese people in Russia, the students are less and less, and to study in Russia more boys than girls.When I first arrived in Moscow, I met a student of the same age as me, a tall, thin boy, very sunny, can speak fluent Russian, he told me: “WHEN I was in high school, I taught myself Russian for two years, I can also speak English and French, as well as Spanish.To tell the truth, I envy people with outstanding self-learning ability, because they have the talent for learning, and I was able to be admitted to the university entirely by diligence and efforts, is to keep doing exercises, do not mention the memory, so also barely hang a line.The boy has a very interesting name, the Name of Kudzu.It was a plant name, and he couldn’t figure out what his parents were thinking of naming him that.Ge Genming and I have known each other for two years, during which time, I also know more than a dozen students from China. Many people think that GE Genming and I are lovers, but in fact they are not, but very good friends.When I was a junior in college, I dated a Russian kid from a wealthy family. He used to drive around the campus in his sports car, and a lot of beautiful Russian girls waved to him, but I didn’t like this kid, so I didn’t give him a second glance.Who can think of, one day I was ready to go shopping, did not shout Gegen name, the rich second generation just met me, and then I talk, I just polite reply two sentences then do not want to take reason, but who knows the other party stubbornly, almost call security.The first time we talked was not pleasant, but unexpectedly on Tuesday, he suddenly appeared at the door of our classroom, holding flowers to confess his love to me. I felt speechless and wanted to find a place to dive in.I want to say, how can there be such a cheeky man in any country?I quickly ran out of the classroom and back to the dormitory. He apologized to me on the way, saying that he just wanted to express his regret to me and didn’t mean anything else.So you can apologize with roses?I suppose the flower of a rose is meant to be the same all over the world?I don’t know when I started to try to get to know a Russian boy because I felt it was not malicious to find him. I learned that his name was Alexi, and his family was in the mining industry, which was a relatively rich person in Russia.Alexi and I really got together when we graduated from college and were ready to return to China. He formally proposed to me and got the support of several Chinese friends, including Ge Genming.I couldn’t figure it out the whole time. Alexi and Gegen and some other Chinese became friends and I didn’t know?That time, I felt surrounded by flowers of happiness, also agreed to this tall and handsome boy, the first time to ride in a sports car, with the roar of the long ride.Alexi and I had been together for more than six months. We were married outside Moscow, and the moment I put on my wedding ring, I was no longer a free girl.After marriage, Eric still as usual, beer and skittles, as a Chinese woman, there is always a kind of want to have a husband too gone mental, but I was a failure, he not only didn’t listen to me, even sometimes back-talk, later I pregnant, don’t want to dispute with him, but he often want to, let me always insecure.After having children, his grandpa’s grandmother liked the grandson, often invited me to take their children go home to have a meal, but because not used to their customs, often refused, I also like an innocent woman, often to the father-in-law her mother-in-law, but useless, because the husband is the kind of person who unruly at all, simply can’t hold, do not give money is going.In the fall of 2017, I returned to China with my child. In order to support my child, I looked for jobs everywhere. Later, I found a job teaching Russian.I don’t want to let my parents pay too much for me. I have spent a lot of money to send me to study abroad. If I want my parents to supplement it, I feel sorry.The epidemic is raging, in fact, my parents also advised me to get a divorce quickly, while I am too young to find a suitable one, but it is not convenient to go to Russia in recent years, I just hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, so THAT I can be relieved.The lawyers are hired. Let’s hope everything works out.