Beat Chen Meng 4 times in a row!Wang Man Yu teacher was left out in the cold, Liu Guoliang an arrangement was criticized by fans

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On January 25, Beijing time, WTT macau championship has ended, the ping is officially ended before the Spring Festival, all the duty, the players can brief home with his parents for the holiday, the holiday after the Spring Festival will return to England, began to prepare for the game in 2022, for the ping, in the mission of the New Year too heavy,With the support of these important events, including the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships and the Hangzhou Asian Games, Liu Guoliang did not dare to take it lightly. On the one hand, he needed to complete the transformation of the old and the new, and on the other hand, he also needed to ensure the results of the international competitions, which was indeed under great pressure.For macau race ended, Wang Chuqin and Wang Man yu successfully got the men and women’s singles champion, two young men, especially Wang Man yu this point, since the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games, her rising velocity is like on the rocket, and the women from the Tokyo Olympic Games champion, to the national games two gold, 1 silver,In Houston World Table Tennis Championships, wang Manyu won two gold MEDALS in women’s singles and women’s doubles, and now she won the gold medal in women’s singles in WTT Macau Championship. In the past six months, Wang Manyu has won numerous titles.Especially Wang Man yu ping an elder sister with countries Chen Meng battle wins all four times, which contains two meetings in the national games, the women race and the women and the women in heilongjiang province and shandong training, although women in shandong to win – but with Wang Man yu 3-0 sweep Chen Meng Chen Meng missed, then the national games women’s singles semi-finals, Wang Man yu 4-0 sweep Chen Meng;In the semifinals of the Houston World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Manyu reversed Chen Meng 4-3.Wang Manyu beat Chen Meng 4-3 in the semifinals of the WTT Macau Championship.To four consecutive defeat China ping an elder sister, also is actually really mean Wang Man yu’s current status and ability to have caught up with and even surpassed Chen Meng comprehensively, and these are also benefited from her mentor shaw war for the guidance of Mr Yu, supervise and urge Mr Yu happily, special promotion, including the training of physical fitness and strength are in focus practise very hard, while the rest of the players at the lunch time,Wang Man Yu will also seize the time to practice, even before the National Games, Wang Man Yu can continue to practice until 23 o ‘clock at night in the company of Xiao Zhan for a week, enough to see that Wang Man Yu’s success is not accidental, but also must thank Xiao Zhan’s efforts.But in the big group photo after the end of the Macao game, Although Wang Man Yu stood in the C position, but Wang Man Yu’s mentor Xiao Zhan stood in the most obscure edge position in the whole group photo, and even do not enlarge the picture to look for words, can not find where xiao Zhan guidance.Obviously this time the ping of the big picture stance is carefully planning the sorting, so said the two men’s and women’s singles champion stood in C, including singles runner-up and mixed doubles final stance is to have cultured, but shaw war coach left behind, but Marlene stood more central position, this arrangement has also been a lot of criticism from fans.