A seven-hour power cut on Taiwan’s high-speed trains affected more than 120,000 people

2022-06-04 0 By

Taipei, April 2 (XINHUA) — The collapse of an electrical pylon at a cement plant in Taiwan caused a 7-hour suspension of the main line of a high-speed railway, affecting hundreds of trains and more than 120,000 passengers.According to China Central News Agency and China News Network, the cement tower of Taiwan’s Southeast Cement Factory collapsed Monday when it was being demolished. The tower was knocked down by accident, causing the main line of the high-speed railway to lose power. Zuoying and Tainan were suspended for about 7 hours.Vehicle drivers run (” when news) Taiwan media released a video at the time, construction vehicle big iron ball pounding on cement tower, rap to half face appeared in the cement particles, then the whole crack appeared in the central tower, the tower collapsed downward tilt, construction truck driver see counter-trend reaction, hurriedly behind the jump to flee for life,The concrete tower collapsed and crushed the crane and the high voltage tower next to it.The accident occurred on the eve of the Qingming Festival holiday, and a power failure on high-speed trains blocked the island’s people from returning home, resulting in long queues at the station.Some passengers said that the train had almost arrived in Kaohsiung before, but suddenly turned back. When passengers got off at Tainan Station, it was also a mess. All the passengers crowded into tainan high-speed railway station, and they had to wait for the transfer bus for several laps.(Original title: More than 120,000 people were affected by a 7-hour power cut on a high-speed train when an electricity pylon collapsed.