Please keep this first aid guide for common holiday diseases

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The Spring Festival is coming, On January 29, the municipal Health commission reminded that the festival is prone to all kinds of trauma and trauma, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, all kinds of poisoning, respiratory emergency, digestive system emergency and other diseases.It is understood that, according to previous experience, during the Spring Festival, the number of 120 cars in front of the hospital will be on the rise.All kinds of trauma, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, all kinds of poisoning, respiratory system emergency, digestive system emergency and other common diseases during the festival.Taking digestive tract diseases as an example, Zhang Lianyang, director of the Department of War Trauma Medicine at the Army Special Medical Center, said, “During the Spring Festival, many people are surrounded by a lot of entertainment and food, and wine and food are concentrated on drinking. Overeating and frequent meals will bring heavy pressure and burden to the digestive system.Excessive drinking and eating will cause alcoholism, acute gastric mucosa injury, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcerative colitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and other diseases, the serious will endanger life.For the convenience of citizens during the festival to do a good job of prevention of these diseases and the occurrence of timely treatment and treatment, the city 120 emergency center experts specially formulated the following first aid tips: in case of sudden disease and injury, it is suggested that citizens immediately call 120 emergency telephone for help.Our city 120 emergency phone in addition to the traditional telephone call mode, added video 120 function.Citizens can carry out self-rescue and mutual rescue under the video guidance of emergency doctors before the arrival of 120 ambulances, to buy time for professional medical aid and save patients’ lives to the maximum extent.In addition to dialing 120, citizens will automatically jump to wechat mini program to start video calls through the SMS link sent by 120 dispatcher, and they can also search “Yu Shi Save” video mini program on wechat to directly call the video 120 alarm.120 Dispatchers or emergency doctors can intuitively understand the patient’s condition, make judgments and give accurate and effective rescue guidance to the field personnel through the video. They can also send the first aid standard operation video to the field personnel, providing effective and scientific methods and means for the implementation of the field first aid.The Municipal Health Commission reminded that citizens should also strengthen the learning of 14 public health emergency skills in daily life (there are 14 skills teaching videos in “wechat mini program Chongqing Visual Rescue — Health Class — online learning”), such as correct dial-120, cardiopulmonary resuscitation technology, and airway foreign body obstruction relief technology (Heimnik first Aid method).At present, Chongqing has 54 training bases for public health emergency response skills, covering all districts and counties. Citizens can also make an appointment in advance to attend the on-site training.At the same time, the Municipal Health Commission also released a “recommended list of household Health emergency supplies” (citizens can log on to the official website of chongqing Municipal Health Commission for reference).Experts advise people to eat regularly during the festive period, with a balanced mix of meat and vegetables and cold and hot.Patients with chronic diseases should adhere to regular medication, ensure adequate rest, appropriate physical exercise, and avoid emotional loss of control, overeating, excessive drinking, staying up late for a long time, sedentary sleep and so on.Statement of complaint/Feedback: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: