Taiyuan’s six urban districts will each build five parks and five green Spaces this year

2022-06-02 0 By

Shanxi News Network On February 21 (reporter Feng Gengshu) today, the reporter learned from the Taiyuan City Bureau of gardens and forests, this year, the city to increase the strength of the garden green construction, supervision of the city in the garden green reasonable layout efforts, to ensure that their new 5 gardens, 5 green.According to reports, this year, Taiyuan city will strive to district green coverage rate, green rate increased 0.3 percentage points respectively, per capita park green area increased 0.1 square meters, in the full reproduction of the “splendid Taiyuan City” spectacular practice to make new achievements.Taiyuan Municipal Bureau of Gardens and Forestry will do a good job in the central landscape of taixin Economic Zone, such as green axis;We will promote the construction of shady roads and supervise the completion of five shady roads in urban areas.In terms of supervision, Taiyuan will carry out the work of establishing provincial and municipal gardenization units, striving to create 8 provincial gardenization units and 30 municipal gardenization units.We will promote three-dimensional greening of urban space, and supervise the construction of a number of rooftop greening, wall greening and bridge greening demonstration projects in all urban areas and development parks.Improve maintenance management, taiyuan will be established landscaping standardization technology committee, landscaping standards, promotion, and landscaping pipe inspection, promote landscaping plant protection inspection digital pilot assessment, creating a batch of city virescence maintenance ShiFan Street road and garden road at the provincial level, municipal greening characteristics, create beautiful engineering.In addition, the Bureau of Gardens and Forestry of Taiyuan city will also modify and improve the “List of Colorful leaf plants in Landscape of Taiyuan City” and “List of water-saving and drought-tolerant plants in Taiyuan City”;Improve the quality and efficiency of park services, to create fen River tourism plate;Promote “create A” and “upgrade A” in Taiyuan Botanical Garden;Promote the construction of smart parks, and strive to make each park convenient for visitors and park data “brain” mutual perception, mutual knowledge, interaction requirements;Carry out the 14th Taiyuan park “One Park, one Product” activity, highlight the characteristics of cultural parks;Continue to carry out the Chinese Rose (Rose) Cup competition, the 32nd Taiyuan Chrysanthemum Exhibition in 2022 and other flower display activities, so that the park becomes a green space shared by the people.(Edited by: Wang Xiaoyan, Hao Yahong)