Station master on duty at Xizhimen Subway Station: It takes 20,000 steps a day to make station rounds

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During the festival, there are many passengers visiting relatives and friends and traveling with children in subway stations.As the station master on duty at Xizhimen station of Beijing-Hong Kong Subway Line 4, Zhou Shaolei came to his post at 7 o ‘clock to ensure passengers in and out of Beijing North Station, help wheelchair passengers get out smoothly, and temporarily “care” for lost children.At the end of a day, you can walk 20,000 steps just walking around the subway station.This Year’s Spring Festival coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympics. In order to better serve passengers, Xizhimen Station of Line 4 has installed three lifting platforms and A climbing car in exit C, Exit A and the west hall of station hall on the basis of existing lifting platforms to facilitate wheelchair passengers.The second day of the year near noon, a wheelchair aunt accompanied by her family down to the platform, Zhou Shaolei took the initiative to ask, and took the keys and remote control, to help each other to use the barrierless lifting platform.”When I was young, I could skate very well, one pattern after another.But look at me now, I can’t even stand up.”The wheelchair-bound passenger, from Inner Mongolia, talked about the upcoming Winter Olympics and ice sports with a mixture of excitement and sadness.Zhou Shaolei comforted her and encouraged her with athletes’ indomitable examples, “You must keep a good mood, now the medical level is so developed, you will recover.”Aunt heard repeatedly nod.During the festival, the lost children are also the focus of the station staff.At about 2 PM on the second day of the lunar New Year, Zhou Shaolei found a seven – or eight-year-old child on the platform, crying that he did not get on the train, very anxious.”Don’t worry, little friend. Your uncle is here with you.Look, I work for the subway. I can help you find your parents.”Zhou pointed to the badge on his uniform. On the one hand, he asked parents for their phone number and contacted them immediately. On the other hand, he reassured the children and chatted with them about their travel plans during the festival.In less than 10 minutes, the child’s parents took a bus from the next station and came back. They were relieved to see the child and thanked Zhou repeatedly.Xizhimen Station of Line 4 is a third-line transfer station, which can transfer with Line 2 and Line 13. Xizhimen Station is close to Beijing North Railway Station.Beijing North Railway Station is the starting station of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed railway for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and also an important transportation hub for the Zhangjiakou Olympic Games.In order to better serve passengers, Xizimen Station has added platform inspection posts. The equipment and facilities at key checkpoints, such as gate machines and automatic ticket vending machines, are in normal operation. We should pay attention to whether passengers need help and strengthen prevention and control measures such as disinfection, ventilation and temperature measurement.”According to the train schedule, we will focus on the arrival of peak passenger flow guidance, and formulate a response plan for sudden large passenger flow.”Zhou said.”During the Winter Olympics, foreign friends, students and volunteers may come to Beijing. Our station staff participated in various training provided by the company, including smiling service and online learning of 500 English sentences. We strive to show the best service and business level during the Winter Olympics.”Zhou shaolei majored in Japanese at university and served foreign media in English and Japanese as a volunteer during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.”This year, I was on duty at the station for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is another form of service guarantee.”Zhou has recently improved his oral English and Japanese to better serve passengers from all over the world.Copyright notice: The text belongs to Beijing News Group. All rights reserved.