Peking Opera master Mei Baojiu commented on Li Yugang: “Under the banner of Mei Lanfang, he is a clown who makes people laugh

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Li Yugang everyone should remember, that year’s avenue of stars, there is a beautiful woman, colorful neon clothes, long sleeves good dance, open voice is amazing the audience, the screen inside and outside of you and I suddenly feel fresh and new, coincidence to marvel: is mei Lanfang reborn?I believe that you and I, are not Beijing Opera ticket friends, peep through it, and those “professional” experts only need a glance from the actor’s eyebrows, demeanour, singing voice to give an objective evaluation: he is just singing.Of course, smart as you, how can you not know, I said is Li Yugang, the name of the song is called “drunk new concubine”.It is this song, let Li Yugang one night burst fire, so many people like, until now there are big god level of net friends in the bottom of this song point after looking at the sentence of god comment: “never tired of listening, really Mei Lanfang reborn!””Mei Lanfang reborn”, this word as an adjective to listen to is very beautiful, indeed the song is also very good to listen to, pleased many people’s ears.But the amateurs see the excitement, while the amateurs are looking at the door.So, during a concert, when li Yugang’s friends and family pulled out a banner, it read brightly: “Before Mei Lanfang, after Li Yugang.”Mei Lanfang’s son, Mr. Mei Baojiu, was unhappy.In Mei Baojiu’s mind, his father was an insurmountable peak.Take myself for example, in order to pass on the Mei School art, I have studied carefully for so many years, but I still feel that my father is beyond my reach.Since his father’s death, he has become more and more responsible for Peking Opera.In the Art of the Mei School, he did his best to preserve as much as possible so that the original traditions would not be lost.However, when I saw a young boy who was just coming out of school without any background in Peking Opera, I thought that he could be compared with his father.It should be noted that Mei Baojiu is a connoisseur. In the eyes of connoisseurs, Li Yugang’s singing is not Peking Opera.No matter the voice, the movement, the eyes, the behavior, are not with Beijing Opera.We often say that one minute on stage, ten years of work off stage, you can know that the art of Beijing Opera is rigorous and focused on the basic skills.Mei Baojiu, for example, did not practice his boyhood skills at the best age because he was fond of playing in his childhood. Instead, he started performing on the stage at the age of 13, so that insiders said he had missed the best time to practice his skills.Because of this, mei Baojiu’s waist is not so soft as that of tong Zi gong, so people in the industry laugh and say: Jiu Ye has no waist.He was the ninth, so he got the name Bao Jiu.Although the father devoted his life to Peking Opera, creating new plays, writing scripts and performing all over the world, he did not kidnap his career to his children.Mei baojiu’s brothers and sisters loved to read, so his father let them study instead of forcing them to study drama.As a result, no one aspires to take over.Jiu Ye’s mission: he is mei Lanfang’s son, the only member of mei’s family, or rather, the only member of mei’s family who sings opera.Even if not the best successor, how can let father explore the road of Beijing Opera life lost?For the younger generation, who are semi-vocal and don’t know what Peking Opera is, his Drunken New Concubine just borrows some similar elements from Beijing Opera and adds pop music, dance and stage to create a pleasing effect.And this, Mei Baojiu did not object, some people said that Mr. Mei was very appreciative, opinions are different, unknown.But one thing was certain: he was angry about being compared to Mei Lanfang, and the consequences were serious.Li yugang was a little overwhelmed.Li Yugang was at a CCTV evening party. The host probably wanted to ease the relationship between the two, so he quietly told Li Yugang that Mr. Mei Baojiu was in the audience.Li Yugang blurted out: “‘ ON behalf of the broad and profound Mei School of art, I would like to express to the national audience…’.”Before he finished speaking, Mr. Mei baojiu suddenly changed his face and left.The audience was in an uproar.No wonder people are angry.As their own treasures, daily play guard, carefully handed down the family, experienced two generations.But one day, a reckless young man with a forgery from nowhere rivaled his family heirloom.Not only that, but to speak personally as the May family is a bit outrageous.Peking Opera is about inheritance.In the Mei School, Li Yugang could not enter the school without being an apprentice or an artist. It is absurd to say that he represents the art of the Mei School.Li Yugang Maybe, Li Yugang was too young to know the rules.Maybe he was confused by the fandom and thought he was really comparable to Mei Lanfang.In this way, without any teacher li Yugang inexplicably some “representative” speech, put himself on the edge of public opinion.Mei Baojiu was gentle and gentle in nature, modest to others, with excellent education, and would not casually talk to people.Because of this kind of remark, obviously very angry.The old gentleman said bluntly, “We express our strong protest against the naming of Mr. Mei Lanfang.Male Dan is originally a very pure art, but was vulgarized to please the audience, to become a clown.”To be fair, Mr. Mei did not mean to disparage Li Yugang; he was merely stating a fact.What he saw in his father was the persistence of older artists.And born into a family more let him from childhood to witness that looks like ordinary eyebrow action containing how to study hard practice of the foundation.Because understand, so awe.But Li Yugang is: because do not understand, so, ignorant fearless.In this flashy age, he did not know the mission of the Mei School of art, almost rescuing Peking Opera, the quintessence of China, not to let it disappear.He also does not know, Mei Lanfang three characters have what kind of weight.Mei Lanfang’s interpretation of Beijing Opera art is widely praised.He was the first Chinese Peking Opera actor to perform successfully on Broadway, and the next day he received excellent reviews in Le Monde and Time.”Mei Lanfang’s pantomime performances and costume displays are exquisitely graceful and lovely, as beautiful as an ancient Chinese vase or an embroidered veil,” time said.Mei Lanfang The German peasants knew only two names, one was Confucius and the other was Mei Lanfang.For his father’s superb acting skills and legendary experience, Mei baojiu is anxious not to lose them.Whenever someone said that he was the heir of the Mei school, he did not dare to take responsibility.He sees himself as “just a performer.”He was handsome and handsome, but as long as he stood with his father, he gained a bit more fortitude. Compared with him, Mei Lanfang’s comeliness seemed to be brought by her bones.Therefore, no matter the appearance or figure, they are always bad for their father, but of all mei Lanfang’s children, except Mei Baojiu, no one is more suitable.After his father passed away, Mei Baojiu resolutely took up the banner of Mei School of art and made every effort to protect his family property.He is undoubtedly a good actor. Over the years, the art of Beijing Opera has become so integrated into his facial features that anyone who sees him will be amazed: he looks like a character.Li Yugang did not know all this.It is said that Li Yu was a little disobedient at the beginning, of course, and did not apologize immediately.But his stage career was stymied.It is clear that he has not been asked to perform since Mr Mei’s comments.The venerable Mei Baojiu’s prestige in the Beijing Opera circle is self-evident.Although he did not intend to damage Li yugang, his popularity continued to fall.It sank his career for a while, but he still didn’t know how to salvage the relationship.Li Yugang Someone said, can not deny the value of Li Yugang.His lotus is stunning, and his song Ten thousand Frontiers has stirred the soul of Chinese people.Yes, Li Yugang has his own characteristics and has made achievements.He was born poor, this all the way, it is not easy.Li Yugang was admitted to Jilin University of Arts, but his family was forced to give up studying because of his poor finances. Then he left a note to his parents and started his wandering life.He’s made a living in karaoke clubs, sold cars, and owned a clothing store.Because of his passion for singing, he joined a small band, but was forced to disband because the band had no performance certificate and could only play in hiding.He once jumped into a river and was rescued by a beggar. Since then, he has followed a beggar to beg.He started singing on the street and was introduced to the bar by a kind brother.It was at this bar that he discovered his cross-dressing abilities.One time when Li Yugang was singing, his female partner was late.In desperation, he also interpreted the female voice.A show of singing voice, lift the seat are surprised.The audience felt that the song was too good.It’s fair to say that this song made Li yugang want to go the opposite route.So, after studying hard, we saw Li Yugang on the Avenue of Stars.If you don’t care about professional scrutiny, Li Yugang’s appearance was gorgeous, even moving.After the drunken New Concubine, everyone is looking forward to the stage of the tough and flexible talent from now on, dancing and transfer.However, we ignore that artificial beauty can not be separated from the packaging of capital, and the operation of capital, is about flow.Li Yugang’s program has elements of Mei School, so it relies on a background to operate.And that’s where the stories we’ve come to know were born.And this became A heart knot that Li Yugang cannot let go for a long time.Out of helplessness, Wang Kun turned to teacher Wang Kun for help. Teacher Wang was very to the point and told him that “you need to tie the bell” and asked him to write a letter to the Peking Opera House to explain his heart and journey clearly.The person who can let Li Yugang ask for help and can have a say in the Beijing Opera circle must be a leader in the literary and art circles. Who is Wang Kun?Do you remember Xi ‘er from The White-haired Girl?Yes, you guessed right, she is Xi ‘er, chairman MAO and Premier Zhou in their busy schedule also want to watch her excellent actress.The key is that Teacher Wang Kun’s attitude towards culture advocates inclusiveness and let a hundred flowers bloom.Despite his advanced age, he is known for openness and innovation.She combined folk vocal music, bel Canto and pop music, focusing on different young singers. She encouraged everyone to learn from each other, thus nurturing many excellent singers.Such an enlightened old artist’s care for his younger generation is self-evident.This must be the reason why Li Yugang trusts Wang so much.Li Yugang took the letter written by himself, changed the draft three times and asked Wang Kun to deliver it to him. However, Wang reiterated that “the bell needs to be tied” and hoped that he could solve the problem by himself.Teacher Wang’s intention is to let him frankly admit their own faults, human is not a saint, to err is human, the attitude is right, nothing is a problem, but he misunderstood.This gave Li Yugang an illusion that Mr. Mei had misunderstood him so deeply that he could not mediate. This was really his own imagination.He didn’t know that all he needed was an honest apology, but he thought it was hopeless.He later confessed that he had cried three times.Finally, he posted a message on Weibo: “I bow to history, but reality keeps my head up.I can only do so, history gave me the choice, can only spell out a way of life, a person marching on the lonely road, sometimes lonely, sometimes toward the road ahead, gradually, gradually fall smile.”He thought he had put it down. In fact, just like Teacher Wang Kun refused to apologize for him, he thought he put it down in the wrong place.Mr. Mei doesn’t blame him for his innovation.Mr Mei does not cling to tradition and reject newcomers.Unlike Li yugang, Mei baojiu, who comes from a family, received a good education at an early age. He attended a missionary school, so he grew up fluent in English.In addition to the family tutor, so that he revealed a combination of Chinese and Western excellent education.He is suave and has many interests, including Michael Jackson as well as Teresa Teng.His main innovation was to incorporate modern pop instruments into Peking Opera.For the old artists, all mei Baojiu’s innovations only lay a foundation for inheriting and developing after the basic skills are practiced.Of course, basic skills are just a concept.How do you make sense of it?A friend of Mei’s told me about mei lanfang’s training methods.It is common for Beijing Opera actors to kill the audience with a single glance. In order to achieve the stage effect of dark wave flow, Mei Lanfang’s own method is to follow the pigeons in the sky with her eyes and follow them in circles.While Mei practiced, his father told him to stare at a cluster of lights in the dark.Mei Baojiu can be said to be a move, a set eye, every move, a lift eyebrow, a look back, that vivid exquisite is unknown to the audience hard practice results, this is the cause of the stage to stir up the four actors.Mei Baojiu inherited his father’s artistic upbringing, but refused to admit that he was a master. He always said that the master was my father, and everything he did should always be worthy of his father.That’s what the old artists do. Modest, mild.In Mei Baojiu’s understanding, opera singing is equivalent to a belief. It is a kind of love and responsibility to cherish, protect and inherit opera and not to lose it.Therefore, even after a lifetime of diligent practice, Mei Baojiu never dared to assume that he was a descendant of the Mei school. He only said that he was a worker.And who can deny his merits?His clear voice, according to experts, was more beautiful than his father’s.He took the stage to sing opera, that gentle gas field and the combination of western and Chinese scholarliness let the audience amazing, someone said bluntly: see is an era out.Mei Baojiu and this, then Li Yugang is not understand.It’s not the art of the Plum School when you make up and turn around in a neon dress.How can this art form, which relies on vocal music, makeup, dance and the appearance of Peking Opera, be comparable to the real Beijing Opera?This thick, is li Yugang understand?He did not know what the words of Mei School art bear and what they represent.He was at a loss from the beginning, to later, wanted to apologize but could not enter the door, and then the grievance, including the last thought put down, from beginning to end, is not a good to say an apology.In short, I can’t feel his sincerity.Maybe he didn’t realize what he was doing wrong, or maybe he was thinking too much.The two did not see each other until Mei passed away, and Li did not attend his memorial service.He just expressed his sorrow in his micro blog. Perhaps, he could not get over the hurdle in his heart.Later, after Mei Baojiu passed away, Li Yugang made a sincere apology on a TV station: he hoped that Mr. Mei, now in his grave, could forgive his reckless youth in the past.Time purge, let him a bit more calm and humility.Time is the best medicine, champagne the youth of the day.Mouth sing ten thousand jiang went to the front of the Li Yugang more a few minutes of self-restraint, the culture of Chinese children or to the younger generation to inherit.In this flashy age, we only hope that the flowers of Chinese art are always blooming and new from generation to generation.