On his first Spring Festival home, Sun Zhuo cut holes in his mask for the reunion dinner, bickered with his sister as an “artificial bracket”, and filled his desk with chocolates, meaning “sweet”

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On December 6, 2021, Sun Haiyang and his wife found their long-lost son Sun Zhuo, ending their 14-year search for their son.As the original character of the film Dear, sun Haiyang’s family’s rough and bumpy experience has attracted much attention, because a kidnapping has changed sun Zhuo’s life track. In the 14 years since he disappeared, the parents he remembered as a child have changed their appearance, and now the missing love is slowly finding back.In shenzhen, sun Haiyang and his wife held Sun Zhuo crying, the mountain in the heart finally landed, the way home is no longer lonely.On December 22, Sun Zhuo officially left Yanggu, Shandong province to bid farewell to the past years, and everything soon returned to peace.This Spring Festival will be the first reunion year for Sun’s family. Sun’s mother showed off her son’s desk covered with books and chocolates in a live broadcast, saying it means “to be sweet” and can add some happiness to life and study.Her sister Sun Yue smiled and praised Sun Zhuo’s intelligence in the live broadcast. She also told netizens about her brother’s daily life at home during the holidays. She slept until she woke up naturally every morning.In the process of Sun Yue’s live broadcast, Sun Zhuo also focused on being a “photographer”, as an artificial support for her sister.Sun zhuo’s playful interaction with his family even made a hole in his mask to prepare for the live broadcast.When his sister talked about Sun Zhuo’s English performance, his mother held an encouraging attitude, saying that she did not want to put labels on him so that he could have a relaxed learning environment.A table of delicious food, Sun and his family toasted together to eat the reunion dinner, which made the netizens who watched the live broadcast feel happy, “love to see the happy ending”.On New Year’s Eve in 2022, guo Gangtang, Sun Haiyang and many other families who are looking for their loved ones gathered in Hangzhou and made a wish: “May the world be free from abductions.”In the sun Haiyang family reunion live broadcast, there are also anxious waiting eyes, Sun Zhuo’s mother online even mai family.”Eyebrows are thick, nostrils a little wavy” missing child Zheng Chuze’s father eyes are full of expectations, in front of the camera held up 100,000 yuan reward revelation, from time to time to adjust the poster position, hoping that more netizens pay attention to this 2005 lost shantou teenager has not been found.