I’m not surprised they left. I’m surprised it lasted this long

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“Thanksgiving past all, the future is still family!”Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy announced the end of their marriage in a joint post on Their micro blog at 1 PM on Monday.The long, long rumor of their divorce has finally come to fruition.Huang xiaoming’s studio also released a statement confirming the news, saying that the two have decided to amicably separate and complete relevant procedures to raise their child together in the future.In order to protect their families and avoid undue disturbance to the public, there will be no further response on this matter.”This boot has landed!Surely this is the feeling of many netizens after hearing their divorce.Huang xiaoming and Angelababy have repeatedly reported their divorce in recent years, but there has been no positive response.So it is no wonder that netizens have left a message “as if published a well-known thing, we are not moved”, “or left, although I have known for a long time must leave”, but still expressed respect for the decision of the two people, hope they can be well.In the past year or two, celebrity divorce events like crucian carp across the river, see everyone is dazzled, overwhelmed, on the poor zhang Guanli.Large and small divorce melon one after another, also do not consider the appetite of the majority of people can bear, let alone now is the ninth winter.Well, as a civilian, I want to give something back.Can not help but want to do a word: “Nianwenjiao · Nianwenjiao” big river east, the waves are not endless, the circle of romantic figures.Hengdian appeared, humanity is, the studio to explore class friends.Gossip wear empty, the wind patted shore, rolled up thousands of eyes.The wedding was so picturesque that it was a hero.At that time, baby was married and handsome.One will look out of a feather, laughing and chatting, and the screen will vanish.Past fugue, sentimental not belong to you and me, Mo Shenghua.Life is a dream. Get back to work.Source: third floor tea room