China’s counter-attack was effective!Many countries cancelled many of their orders, fearing Lithuania’s fate

2022-06-02 0 By

As is known to all, China’s influence in the world are gradually strengthened, which China’s economic development and speed, as well as the relationship between the size of the economy has huge, after all, a country the world’s second-largest economy enough to make a lot of eyebrows, especially in the continued spread of the new champions league at present, China’s economy can still such a strong development momentum,This shows the strength of the Chinese market. If it can gain a certain share in the Chinese market, it will certainly play a very good role in the development of the country, which is also the consensus reached by all countries in the world.However, there are always some countries who want to test China’s bottom line. Before this, Lithuania’s behavior completely offended China, and the world has seen the consequences of interfering in China’s internal affairs. The painful lesson Lithuania suffered after losing the Chinese market can be said to remind the rest of the world.But did not think that there are countries dare to start in China’s internal affairs, it seems to be really dead.That country is Slovenia.Although the Lithuanian president apologized, the issue is still unresolved, and China has not forgiven Lithuania, but after that, Slovenia’s Prime Minister Jansa is making trouble.According to the Global Times, Earlier in the interview, Jansa mentioned China 15 times and referred to Taiwan as “country”, and said That Slovenia and Taiwan are in talks to set up “representative offices”, which immediately caused dissatisfaction in China.After that, many countries chose to cancel cooperation with Slovenia for fear of repeating Lithuania’s mistake. It seems that China’s counterattack was effective.The Sri Lankan side immediately responded that it was just a personal view, but the consequences have already been caused.As the most active market in the world at present, China can be said to be the life-saving straw for the economic recovery of many countries. Many enterprises are not willing to give up the Chinese market, and this situation will only become more and more obvious in the future.Even the United States needs to be careful when targeting China. At this particular time of domestic and foreign troubles, cooperation with China will bring more benefits than confrontation.China’s assertiveness over Taiwan has shown that any country that dares to intervene on its path to unification will eventually suffer serious consequences. China is willing to make friends, but it is also perfectly capable of striking down any hostile country.China will never budge on unification.The Tsai administration had better swallow its heart and trust that Taiwan will soon return to the motherland, which is expected by the people of both sides.Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement please contact to inform.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu