The heart is not in your body, do not go to entwine, do not love you, do not humble to please

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People who are not in your heart, don’t go to pester, don’t love you, don’t humble to please # How to make life more meaningful # # what is your life motto # See such a topic in wukongq&a: why someone said not to please a heart without you?My answer is: when the equator can keep snowflakes, tears can melt fine sand, my love for you is low to dust, you will cherish me heart and soul?Maybe my good for you, just like a spoon of sugar to drink coffee, drink it will not be.And even when the novelty wears off and you don’t love me, even if I give you my whole heart, you will feel fishy.It is better to hold the sand than to raise it, because when you hold it more tightly the loss of the more, and the greater the degree of their own injury.A person with you in the heart, do not need you to please will have you, a person without you in the heart, please, not only your heart is more tired, and his heart will never have you.01 wishful thinking is the most sad, the two love is the most sweet.The feelings of this matter, not who can control, do not like the people who can not reluctantly, can not get the feeling of who can not change.When you fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you, no matter how infatuated you are, you end up in tragedy.Maybe you think the other person doesn’t love you because you haven’t given well enough, so you convince yourself to try harder and care a little more.However, when you take the initiative for a long time, when he is still indifferent, decided to give up, he rekindled your hope.It’s just, you never know, the hope he gives you is that he likes to be liked by you.Sometimes relationships disappear, just like the food in a refrigerator goes bad after the power goes out.The fridge was right, the food was right, just not working.The biggest kindness in the feelings, is not like to cut off the other side of all thoughts, because hope is deeper despair.The heart is not on you, do not go to entanglement.Because no matter how much affection you give, how many sacrifices you make, how many smiling faces you lose, people who don’t care about you, all your giving and giving is just a grandstanding, meaningless one-man show.Don’t love you, also don’t humbly to please.Because your humble, your pay, your concession, your care, in the heart of the people who do not love you, are wishful self moved, no real feelings at all.02 Heard the saying: Some people like your long hair, some people like your short hair, so you are not sure whether to keep long hair or short hair.But you forget, the person who really likes you, will like you all the way.Maybe you have changed your personality for a person, keeping the long hair he likes, wearing the clothes he likes to show waist and back, but not for the moment when he looks at you.We used to think that love meant being the person the other person liked, accommodating the other person’s every decision.But then I realized that those who need you to try your best to please the people, but more easily lost.Because the person who loves you, does not need your please, the person who does not love you, even if you pay more, his eyes can not hold you.For the heart without you, no matter how much you give, can not move the other side, because in his heart, you are just a spare tire from beginning to end.For someone who doesn’t love you, no matter how much you follow his thoughts, you can never meet his needs, because in his heart, you are never what he wants, let alone can not be integrated into his world.Remember that lyric?I touched the day, touched, why not touched you.For hell-bent on not loving you, to give up him may be a kind of liberation of life for himself.03 as the saying goes: where there is no grass, why unrequited love a flower.Want to go, even if you do everything possible to stay, but also left him this person, and did not keep his heart, one day in the future, he will leave you, then why do you do this useless work!There’s a saying that the deeper you make love, the deeper you hurt.Believe that everyone who has been hurt by love, believe in this sentence.And give him up, perhaps for their own is a good choice, after all, long pain is better than short pain.Like you in my heart, don’t like you no longer nostalgia.Humble beg, will only be looked down upon;Deliberately please, will only get more harm, after all, be loved to rely on!Don’t please the people who don’t like you, don’t force love that doesn’t belong to you, and don’t use time to move a person who doesn’t love you.Of course, rather than please an indifferent person, it is better to cherish the people who love you.Although kindness and love are free, they are never cheap. Your kindness needs a little edge, and your love needs a little reason, because not everyone deserves them.If you like to add a focus on a like, let you too tired people, forget it.end