Jinzhou City emergency management bureau to carry out voluntary tree planting activities

2022-06-01 0 By

March 13, in accordance with the city’s unified arrangement and deployment, the city’s emergency management bureau organized more than 40 cadres and workers to carry out the national voluntary tree planting activities in Zhao Village.The tree planting activities in zhao village into village road planted on both sides of the locust, plane trees nearly 100.Tree planting site, the members of the bureau team involved in tree planting practice, cadres and workers enthusiasm, have picked up iron pull and other tools, work together, 31 groups, seedling, soil filling, the process is meticulous, the scene is a busy orderly, in full swing labor scene.After more than an hour of hard planting, successfully completed the tree planting task.This activity, not only carries forward the emergency management front comrades far, afraid tired spirit, and to strengthen the responsibility consciousness, the mission of “green guards” consciousness, create a “green, green” love green, green, xing thick atmosphere, to increase the cohesion of the staff and team spirit, but also shows the good image of the emergency.