Jing Tian and Xu Weizhou kiss scene is too sweet!Skin such as coagulate fat white to shine, by the man’s hands hold the head close

2022-06-01 0 By

Recently, a well-known artist kissing scene sweetest and Xu Wei chau Reuters was exposed, according to the picture middle sweet and Xu Wei states of the color difference is very conspicuous, muscle in dim the set jade snow scene sweet white to light, literally in Xu Wei chau is the bronze skin, two people hug to each other in the studio location kiss is very sweet, impact feels dye-in-the-wood.According to said in the video, sweet scene is wearing a blue long sleeve blouse, and a black dress, she raised her hands clasped Xu Wei interstate waist and wore a brown leather Xu Wei affectionate kiss, showing skin white to light sweet scene with copper skin Xu Wei states like milk chocolate collision, like a beautiful painting.It is worth mentioning that in the GIF provided by netizens, the kiss between Jing Tian and Xu Weizhou was so red in the face that Xu weizhou could not help holding Jing Tian’s head with his hands at the affectionate place, and the two kissed with their eyes closed and immersed in it.When the kiss is over, the two slowly open their eyes and look at each other with tenderness and sweetness that almost overflow the screen.But Jing Tian’s whiteness is well known.In photos and videos shared by many netizens and her fans, Jing tian always stands out from the crowd.I saw her wearing a strapless pale evening dress, with black curly hair, her skin as fat as a dress she walked down the aisle like a princess.Jing Tian’s skin is white to the extreme, and she is even whiter than foreigners who are born with white skin. This skin is not only white and smooth, but also has a delicate texture, like jade and snow, with a ruddy feeling.As an artist known to the people, Jing Tian is often searched for for her excellent acting in many films and TV works, and is often paid attention to because of her white to luminous skin color. White skin is really an enviable thing in the public aesthetic.In recent years, Jing Tian has been working hard to bring you excellent works, not only in the direction of film consolidation and development, but also in the TV drama to improve their acting, I do not know what white to shine Jing Tian will bring you what works?