Cats have never been truly domesticated and cannot obey humans. Why don’t cats resist when they are abused

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When the cat is abused, the cat does not resist because the cat is timid by nature. When the cat is abused, it feels afraid and the cat does not dare to resist.The cat was too weak to fight;Cats are particularly stressful pets, which are prone to stress response. Abusing cats will lead to health problems, so do not hit cats.Abuse cat when the cat is not the cause of the resistance is playing when the cat cat will resist, some cats is dozen don’t strike back, because such as the short, short pet cat’s character is relatively gentle, they are good temper, when they don’t strike back, if be hurt, most will choose a place to hide, or staring at people with a grievance.Some cats are quite insecure. When their owners hit them in anger, they are afraid to fight back.In fact, the cat is afraid of being abandoned by the owner, will think that the owner does not want it, once abandoned, it can not survive.The cat knew that it was weak and weak, and that it was useless to resist.People are too big, and if they fight back, they may put themselves in more pain.Many cats don’t want to escape, they just can’t.They are often kept in cages or tied up with ropes, and if they try to escape, they are beaten for nothing.Why can’t the cat hit the cat’s small body is also relatively fragile, in the fight when the master is not good, easy to hurt the cat.Cats have a very good memory, very vengeful, if the owner hit the cat, the cat will remember in mind, but also to take on the master bed to urinate or shit, when the master hold it on the master to urinate on the master and other ways of revenge.Use proper methods of education Cats will occasionally make naughty mistakes, the owner should not use violence to punish the cat.The cat is neither soft nor hard. It is best to encourage and educate the cat.When you train your cat, you can use some snacks to help. Your cat will be more willing to cooperate with you.Cats are sensitive to sound and can distinguish their owner’s tone of voice.Cats can sense an angry attitude and are less likely to make mistakes if they are scolded repeatedly.Try not to lecture a cat the same way you would a hungry one.Most cats are more likely to make mistakes when they’re hungry.A cat is a lovely life, if you have a cat, please respect every life, take good care of it.