Yan Weiwen of virtue and art

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Mention Yan Weiwen, in old age audience is not strange, he always appears on the stage with tall and handsome figure, voice is high, timbre is melting, be full of passion.Yan Weiwen is not vocal music section one’s previous experience, it is the dancer of art troupe at first, because when performing, a soloist actor gives a condition temporarily cannot come on stage, the leadership lets Yan Weiwen rescue, unexpectedly one opening starks an audience, Yan Weiwen this ability changes a line to be engaged in singing.Yan Weiwen’s voice identification degree is very high, high pitch is bright and melodious, middle tone is full and full of magnetism, many people imitate its singing, failed to achieve its artistic height.Yan Weiwen sings “little White Yang”, “to speak from the heart”, “mother”, “strong army battle song”, “the first love in the world”, “I wish mother longevity” and other songs win universal praise, high degree of singing.As a soldier actor, Yan is always strict with himself. He often goes down to the grassroots to perform for officers and soldiers, and has traveled all over China.Yan Weiwen is a good husband, for decades and his wife to help each other, in the decades when his wife was suffering from cancer, never abandon, become a story.In this materialistic era, Yan weiwen has always maintained a good image of a soldier, not doing advertisements, not participating in commercial performances, and not appearing on boring talk shows, which severely hurt the face of some military actors.Yan weiwen is devoted to his singing career, neither for fame nor profit, nor seeking official position. He has appeared on the Spring Festival Gala for more than 20 times and is loved by hundreds of millions of audiences.