The big surprise!Higgins 4-6 Jimmy Robertson, four world champions knocked out of the final four

2022-05-31 0 By

On The morning of February 12, the snooker Players Championship quarterfinal, Higgins 4-6 Jimmy Robertson, the world champion four times knocked out, a big surprise match was created!A career high of 21, Jimmy Robertson is currently 38th in the standings, hardly comparable to the brilliant Higgins.This service, Higgins started off very smoothly, hit a single 52 points and 65 points, 72-42, 65-1, won the first two games in a row, to establish a 2-0 advantage.However, Robertson began a furious comeback from the third frame, scoring 58, 57 and 59 in three consecutive 50+ frames to win 65-58, 63-6 and 78-1 to complete the 3-2 lead.Higgins seized his chance in the sixth frame, winning with 68 points for 72-0 to level the series at 3-3.Jimmy Robertson continued his outburst, smashing 102 in the seventh frame and 57 in the eighth, 102-4, 64-17, to take the lead 5-3.Not to be outdone, Higgins saved the first match point with an 80-run win in the ninth frame, 97-0.In the 10th game, Higgins fought doggedly under the circumstance of being overscored, making up for the lack of points on the table through snooker!Unfortunately, it was Jimmy Robertson who had the last laugh, taking the set, 6-4 to knock out Higgins and advance to the final four.With this match over, the final four of this players Championship are all: Top half: Barry Hawkins – Rich Walton Bottom half: Neil Robertson – Jimmy Robertson