“New police diary” no regrets fight epidemic to guard the frontier ceaseless loyalty practice new chapter

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Every time I grow up I always start with a “new” word.At the beginning of the New Year, I will step into a new post and become the new blood of the police force. Under the new challenges of the new era, I will relay the new development of immigration management and continue to write a new chapter of immigration management in the new journey.Line resistance and long, will be on January 4, 2022, after a month of pre-service adaptability training I joined WanDing crossings mixed RACES on a team, we stick to the outbreak of mans full service channel line, examine a large number of vehicles and personnel every day, whether the epidemic prevention and control, and duty unattended work just to post I feel more responsibility and pressure.My “master” inspector, Mr. Liang, led me to put on and take off protective clothing, data analysis, work schedule and camp supervision, one after another, and walked steadily step by step, which enriched my camp life as a new police officer.We are lonely and brave, we stand shoulder to shoulder as a new comrade, I admire the side of the first-class merit, second-class merit, third-class merit, excellent party members, excellent inspectors, and I have the same age has already experienced many years of training in the barracks of the senior police, everyone has shining point, we illuminate each other, each other to light.They are the ones who constantly help and inspire me to move forward side by side and go abroad together.In the evening talk every night, we will exchange work experience, every morning to open the previous night’s work log, dense matters for attention will let me have a drive from the bottom of my heart arises naturally, inspiring people to forge ahead, not young.This year’s Spring Festival is more special than previous years. It is my first New Year from the police.Walking along the border patrol road with the resident PLA soldiers, packing up a New Year’s Eve dinner for the teammates on duty at the port, staying up for the New Year with the comrade-in-arms in the sound of joy, and taking shots of the entertainment life of a police battalion on festivals…I looked toward the direction of the country, silent and solemn, just like the police on duty on New Year’s Eve, just like the teammates who fought day and night under the high risk of preventing the imported epidemic from abroad. At this moment, it is the night of thousands of families reunion, but also when I and my comrades in arms across the country stay up and protect safety.As a guard edge new police, people in the border, should be more mind of the country.The captain said, “Sharpen a sword on a stone, and a man on a deed.”I am fully aware that the formation of firm ideals and convictions is not something that can be achieved overnight, nor can it be achieved once and for all. Rather, it is something that must be persevered and tested in the struggle to defend border areas and protect the people.To develop and hone our skills on the front line of border inspection is to fulfill our ideals and beliefs and shoulder the historical responsibility of guarding the border of the motherland, preventing the importation of the epidemic and serving the economic development.Gradually, like the local people, I became familiar with calling the land under my feet “the place where the sun tops”. The moon in the border area was not only my hometown, but also the Tibetan blue in my heart.Between these boundary tablets 86 and 90, I will inherit the new spirit of “protecting a border and guarding a pass”.Yunnan net correspondent Li Xingyu photography report