Bazhong City “Year of Investment Promotion and Promotion” Working Conference held to achieve “Four New Improvements”

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He ping “enhancing the investment promotion work in the city conference stressed that efforts to achieve” four new “to upgrade to big promotion push the coma catch up investment to promote the development of gao peng ling Li Yinghou Chinese metaphors on-the-job attend on February 9th, “enhancing the investment promotion work conference” in the city, party secretary he ping to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.He stressed that the new era will comprehensively implement the xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in-depth implementation of the central and provincial government of investment promotion series deployment, adhere to the word pledge, seek improvement in stability, scratching fine solid each deployment “enhancing the investment promotion”, focusing on the precise along the chain of China merchants, the principle of “” outstanding thought liberation and opening to the outside world,Efforts will be made to achieve the “four new improvements” in attracting targets, attracting precision, attracting power and attracting measures, and to promote the development of late-comers to catch up with and catch up with with investment promotion.Presided over by Gao Pengling, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Li Ying, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Hou Zhongwen, chairman of the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference, Yu Zaigang, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee attended the meeting.In his speech, He Ping pointed out that investment promotion is always the “tanker” and “booster” of economic work, but also the “lifeline” of economic work.Is the year of the investment promotion ascension “, a first meeting after opening of the municipal party committee, to mobilize “enhancing the investment promotion work deployment, is to firmly implement the central, provincial and municipal committee of the economic work conference spirit, striking measure” grasp development must grasp investment, investment is to grasp the development “work orientation,To form a strong atmosphere of big investment and big investment in the whole city, and to promote big promotion of investment to promote the late development to catch up with big development.He Ping pointed out that we should accurately grasp the situation and opportunities facing investment promotion.At present, the construction of the “double cycle” pattern has given birth to new opportunities for investment promotion, the favorable national and provincial policies have added new advantages for investment promotion, industrial transfer and regional cooperation have expanded the new market for investment promotion, and the development of surrounding areas has provided new demonstration for investment promotion. The city has been in a new round of golden opportunity for investment promotion.We should have a clear understanding of the gap and shortcomings of investment promotion in our city.Although the investment promotion work in Zhuhai has achieved gratifying results in recent years, compared with other parts of the province, there is still a big gap between investment promotion effect and expectation.We should try our best to solve bottlenecks and do a good job in promoting investment in our city.He Ping pointed out that the general requirements for implementing the “Year of Investment Promotion and Promotion” in 2022 are as follows:We will fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the investment promotion plans of the CPC Central Committee and provincial party committees and governments, give top priority to ensuring stability and seek progress while maintaining stability, focus on targeted investment promotion along the chain, give priority to both emancipating the mind and opening up, and strive to achieve the “four new improvements”.Have a new level of attraction.In terms of the introduction of all kinds of capital, major data such as domestic and foreign capital, actual utilization of foreign capital and foreign direct investment will achieve a substantial increase over last year.In terms of actual implementation of projects, it is necessary to ensure that the implementation rate, operation rate and capital availability rate of the introduced projects meet the standards;In terms of target setting, more attention should be paid to the matching degree of “1+3” leading industrial system framework of the whole city and “1+1” industrial layout of counties and districts, and the landing rate of parks.We need a new level of accuracy in attracting people.Focus on leading attraction, docking along the chain, targeted introduction, focus on key areas, key regions, key enterprises to carry out targeted investment.Around the “1 + 3” in the city and county “1 + 1” industry positioning, on the north, peg, broad, deep and other key cities and beijing-tianjin-hebei, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, chengdu-chongqing starting area, the full implementation of the investment to stagnation in the bazhong key area plan, around along the chain to introduce, screening of a group of industry leading enterprises, head, growth-oriented enterprises, the implementation of accurate door-to-door merchants,Ensure that the quality and efficiency of this year’s recruitment is significantly improved.We need a new boost in attracting power.Give priority to the chain length, implement the system of leading industrial chain length, and the municipal leaders who hold the post of chain length should give full play to the role of leading rate, and take the lead in going out and attracting investment according to the requirements of “six and one”.Compacting the main responsibility of the county, the main person in charge of the county should spend the main energy on investment attraction and industrial cultivation, both in charge, but also to go out, personally grasp, take the overall responsibility, regularly convene research investment attraction work.Give full play to the role of departments, industrial competent departments should update the industry information and target enterprise recommendation list once a quarter, highlighting professionalism and pertinence;The municipal government stationed abroad should fully fulfill the role of “outpost” in attracting investment and assist counties to introduce major industrial projects;The Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau should play a good role as the “chief of staff”, coordinate the special promotion activities of the city’s key industries, and undertake high-quality investment promotion activities of small teams attended by municipal leaders.To improve the professional level, the city and county levels should select and send core forces to the front line of investment promotion, give priority to the ability to be familiar with the market rules and grasp the market rules, and improve the business level of the front-line cadres of investment promotion.We need to upgrade our recruiting efforts.Make solid platform support, make good use of supporting activities of national and provincial platforms such as XIbo Fair and Sichuan Bank of Well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises, optimize the investment promotion system, and strive to achieve greater results every year;Platforms such as the Qinling-Pakistan Agricultural investment and Investment Forum, Pakistani Culture and Art Festival and Guangwu Mountain International Red Leaf Festival should also show their investment promotion functions, and promote investment environment and projects in a wider and more precise manner.To provide support for the practical environment, self-pressurized with the requirements of “the best business environment in the province and the first-class business environment in China”, vigorously implement service mechanisms such as “One-stop operation” and “Bazhong Tour” to actively serve enterprises and projects;We will adhere to the system of linking key enterprises with each other, provide coordinated services such as regular discussions with enterprises, and the implementation and review of government commitments. We will fully implement policies and measures to help enterprises that benefit from economic benefits, and further promote the “dynamic elimination” of legitimate and reasonable demands of enterprises, so as to create a better business environment in all respects.Make solid policy support, implement the “Bazhong City High-level Expansion of Opening-up and Investment Promotion Policies and Measures”, local and relevant departments can revise and improve local supporting policies and measures in this field according to the actual situation.To provide support for actual evaluation, we continue to carry out annual collective incentives and commendations for advanced investment attraction projects and annual selection of “Top ten Investment attraction Projects” to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of large-scale investment efforts.The municipal target performance office should lead the optimization of investment attraction assessment rules, tailored targets, differences in assessment.While presiding over the meeting, Gao Pengling analyzed the reasons why five projects such as Bazhong Lingang Industrial Park and McGinty (Pyeongchang) Central Kitchen Industrial Park were attracted, landed and developed, and put forward requirements for implementing the spirit of the meeting.One is learning experience.Relevant departments in all localities should accurately grasp the economic situation and the law of industrial transfer, conduct in-depth studies on policy orientation, industrial orientation and successful cases in and outside the region and city where the initiative was initiated. Based on local development positioning, resource endowment, industrial foundation and other realities, the relevant departments should identify the right entry points and driving points, and constantly improve the accuracy and effectiveness of investment attraction.Second, we need to implement policies.We will implement policies and measures to attract investment in detail and strictly implement them, strictly prohibit discounts and shrinkage, ensure that the “sunshine, rain and dew” of policies and measures are targeted to market entities, and fully release the “magnetic field effect” of policies and measures.Third, to build a cluster.We will further implement the “six and one” work plan for the “1+3” leading industrial chain long system. All counties and districts should speed up the improvement of measures to foster “1+1” industries, and make plans step by step in accordance with the thinking of “leading enterprises + upstream and downstream industries + left and right banks + peripheral products”, so as to accelerate the formation of clusters.Several Policies and Measures for High-level Opening Up and Investment Promotion in Bazhong City and Investment Promotion Work Plan for Key Areas in Bazhong City were issued at the meeting, and investment promotion work in 2021, advanced units for investment promotion in 2021 and “Ten Investment Promotion Projects” were reported.Pingchang County, Bazhong Economic and Development Zone, municipal Bureau of Economy and Information technology, municipal bureau of Culture, radio, Television and Tourism, municipal government office in Shenzhen made a speech at the conference.Vice Mayors He Jinhu and Yu Xinyan, Secretary General of CPC Municipal Committee Zheng Qiong, responsible persons of party committees or governments of all counties (districts), party Working Committees or management committees of Bazhong Economic development Zone and Cultural Tourism New Area, responsible persons of relevant municipal departments, state-owned enterprises owned by the city and overseas agencies of the Municipal Government,Leaders of investment promotion Bureau, Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Cultural, Radio and Tourism Bureau and key industrial parks from all counties (districts), Ba-China Economic and Development Zone and Cultural and tourism New Area attended the meeting.